Wyze Cam Pan Crappy Picture

Just got the cam pan v1 i guess, it has 1080p. Also have wize cam v1 and v3, both v1 and v3 look way better than the pan cam. Wondering if I got a bad cam with the pan version. Picture is blurry and looks like pure crap no matter how many times i wipe the lense. Seeing if anyone else is having or has had issues with this particular model.

Hi Chris, welcome to the Wyze forums! Doesn’t sound normal at all for a new camera. I have the Wyze Cam Pan V1 & V2 both have clear sharp pictures and video clips. I would recommend calling Wyze Support to report the issue to them and start a support ticket.

Here is their phone number (206) 339-9646.

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Sounds like a bad camera send it back,we replaced all of our old ptz v1 with the new version it has the Starlight just like the v3

Thanks, I will give them a call tomorrow.

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V1 or V2 of the Pan cam has the starlight sensor?

Bought off Amazon. Just says pan cam. I assume v1 since the v2 indicates on box

Well its only the new model V2 of the PTZ

Update. Have called twice and listened to waiting music for at least 20 mins each time. I’ve heard they aren’t renowned for their service.

We allways do a service ticket on line it takes longer but you know it’s done when you receive your email confirmation with the service request number

I have looked for this option, where is it? I must be blind lol.

Its support on the top right on this site

Welcome to the forums! I am curious as to what it looks like, can you post a screenshot or multiple shots of the cameras view? Thanks in advance!

You can tell if it’s a V1 or V2 Pan Cam by looking at the label in the back and where it says model, if the model number ends in P1 or P2. Also the V2 pan has a large w in the grill on the back whereas the V1 pan has a X or something in the grill in the back.