Request Opinions on Pan V2 Camera Sound and Video Quality

I’m thinking about buying the Pan V2 camera. For those that have bought the Pan V2 camera, do you have other model of Wyze cameras to compare the Pan V2 against?
Using the following scale is audio almost decent and understandable like the Cam V2, almost garbage like the Pan V1, or completely useless like the Cam V3?
Is the microphone audio good enough to clearly understand people talking in the room that the camera is in?
Can you hear them (or the tv) talking from the next room, Clearly?
Is the video as clear and sensitive in low light as the Cam V3 or is it dark with poor infrared transmitters like the Pan V2 that can’t even light up a smallish 1960s living room?
Is there anything that you don’t like about the camera?

Thanks for your replies so I can decide if it’s worth it to upgrade a Pan V2 and maybe others.

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Any updates on this? I’m using the v3 and looking for proper outdoor audio