Wide angle

I have 3 V3’s set up, and am looking to get a 4th cam.

I’m thinking of getting one with a wide angle. I’ve seen a post or two that seem to say that the Pan 3 is not really as good an image as the normal V3.

Any other opinions out there? Any other cams that have a wide angle beside the Pan 3?


The V3 and the Pan V3 are almost exactly the same field of view and image quality.

This might be a fun project. This thread is on a v2 but also should work on a v3.

Here is how to swap the lens on a v3.

That seems to align with what I was reading.
In that case, I wonder what did they hope to achieve by bringing out the Pan V3?

A V3 with Pan and Tilt motion tracking motors for near 360° scan capability that can be used outdoors. This is their first outdoor rated PTZ.

Be sure to read the threads tagged #cam-pan-v3 before you purchase.

" Be sure to read the threads tagged #cam-pan-v3 before you purchase."

Thanks SS, took your advice and read some of the threads. Filled in some knowledge gaps.

Think I’ll just go with another V3.

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