Pan 3 Cam - Whacky Lens

Well, I just installed the Pan 3 camera. The wide-angle lens makes it pretty much worthless for anything over 15 ft from the camera.

I’ve got 17 other cameras so I had high hopes for this one. Not worth the money.

I have a Pan V3 and a V3 essentially sitting side by side in my bay window. I moved the Pan so that it was seeing the same image as the V3. For all practical purposes, the field of view for the Pan V3 is the same as the V3. The pan may be the smallest amount wider, but barely. The top image (23 - Bay window SE) is the V3 and bottom image (42P - TBD) is the Pan V3. Tiny bit of difference in FoV. The blue looks a little bluer on the Pan. Based on the color of the trash can, I think the Pan is a little closer to reality.

That’s a great comparison. Thanks. But, that’s not what mine looked like!

OK, what did yours look like?

It was more of a fisheye lens effect. I think something went wrong in manufacturing. Clearly it’s not right. The camera is going to be returned tomorrow.

If you mean the V3 non pro then no. The V3 is wider than the V3 pan.

V3 130º diagonal

V3 Pan 120º diagonal

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Look, I’m trying to be polite here. There’s something wrong with the way that the thing was built. I’m sure it’s just this particular camera. It’s going back to Microcenter tomorrow. End of story.

A snapshot of what you see is always appreciated for our understanding. :slight_smile:


I was replying to (correcting) K6CCC.

If your cam FOV is not right, it should go back. The lens may not be in the right position from manufacturing.

The cam does have a significant pincushion affect, but no more noticable than the V3 or V3Pro. But, without a pic to see, it’s hard to judge how severe yours is.

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