Wyze Cam v3 vs Cam Pan v2 night vision?

Can someone contrast the night vision on the Cam Pan v2 (outstanding)
with that on the Cam v3? Is the Cam v3 as good as the Pan v2 as far as night vision?

I am thinking of using a couple of Cam Pan v2 outdoors, but the v3 is a good field of view and is made for outdoor use. I just wonder about the night vision on that?

The V3 is probably better in Night Vision mode, being that it uses two sets of IR LEDs: ‘near’ (940nm) and ‘far’ (850nm). But Night Vision is similar on all cameras, even the older V2 and Pan V1.

So I wonder if you are asking if the V3 and Pan V2 both use starlight sensors now, which they do (the other two older models don’t).

However, I have not used a Pan V2 outdoors. Both are much better than the older V2 or Pan V1s, though. :slight_smile:

Maybe someone has some outdoor experience with the Pan V2.

Well, I have a Pan v1, and though the night vison works it’s not nearly as good as the Pan v2 which I also have.

I wonder if the Cam v3 measures up to the Pan v2? I have never had a Cam v3, so I don’t know. But I bet someone does.

You should buy a V3 just to get some experience. They are a great little camera.

The Pan V2 has 940nm IR lights, so I’d expect them to be similar in Night Vision when they are both set to that. But the V3 also has the 850nm lights, which I think are better in my garage.

YMMV, which is a good reason to try both. :wink:

I’ve been thinking of the floodlight cam, but they are a little expensive and the lights may not be really necessary. Probably not with a Pan Cam v2.
I think they might have a Cam v2 or v3 in there.

But then the deterrence of a motion activated light…

I was going to mount two Pan v2’s outside. but they really aren’t made for that.

The floodlight cams are a light accessory to a V3.

If you keep them sheltered under an overhang, and maybe in an enclosure that doesn’t have fins forward of the camera lens (important – clouds the Night Vision), then they will probably be fine. Definitely put the power adapter in a shelter, though. Dangerous otherwise. V3s too, unless you get the outdoor power adapter. I personally have my V3 standard power adapters sheltered inside a porch light globe that I don’t use, which is under an overhang. They stay completely dry.

What you could do is buy a single V3, test it, and decide. Then, if you decide not to use the V3 outdoors, you might be able to use it to replace the Pan V2 you have, move it outdoors, and buy a second one. Or buy a second V3. :slight_smile: