V3 vs Outdoor Image Quality

I did search the site and hope I’m not being redundant. Is the Wyze Cam Outdoor image quality supposed to be inferior to the V3 or is it just mine being defective or a setting I can’t find.
As far as I can tell the settings on my V3 and Outdoor are the same:
Night mode off

The Oudoor is 3 feet from base station

Here are photos from my V3 and Outdoor sitting side-by-side?
Wyze Cam Outdoor - Day Small
Wyze Cam Outdoor - Day

Wyze Cam V3 - Day Small
Wyze Cam V3 - Day

Wyze Cam Outdoor - Night Small
Wyze Cam Outdoor - Night

Wyze Cam V3 - Night Small
Wyze Cam V3 - Night

Any advise is appreciated. Thank you,

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The night time difference is no surprise, as the v3 has a starlight sensor (and was the first Wyze cam to do so), while the Outdoor does not.

I’ll admit I’m surprised by the daytime difference, however. The Outdoor looks almost sepia-toned by comparison.

To me, the exposure, white balance and hue are being thrown off by the back side of the wood fence in the lower right. Looks like each of the cameras are handling that light vs dark differently. And the v3 is taking in more light due to wider view so I’d guess to say is taking in more normal light (verse the outdoor camera which is more of the dark fence in view) which maybe causing it to expose more correctly. If they each had the same lit view, a view with not a combo of dark shadows and bright sun, I think they’d handle it more equally.

Hi Omgitstony,
I’m not too concerned about the daylight quality. It’s good enough for surveillance but the nighttime is pretty close to useless and it’s not really that dark, there are streetlights close by.
I’m kind of wondering if it was always that. I got the Outdoor the day before the V3 last week so played with it a little and don’t remember being disappointed. Maybe now I’m just comparing them side by side and the difference due to the V3 starlight thing makes it stand out… or something broke or I changed a setting I can’t find now.
Anyway, thanks for your input.

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With that lighting, and not being in “night vision mode” and without IR illumination, that’s the picture id expect from the WCO and even the v2/pan v1. Actually that’s better than what I’d thought it would be. :slight_smile: