Outdoor V2 vs V3 image quality?

I’m looking to get a couple of Outdoor V2 cameras for my property. I currently have a V3 that I use inside and I’m really impressed with the image quality. Outdoors, I need the v2 because of the battery. I have no power where I want to mount it. So I plan to get the v2 with the solar panel to keep the onboard battery charged.
But my question is, what’s the image quality like compared to the v3?
Also, can the IR be turned on and off on the v2 like it can on the v3?

Technically, I don’t think the sensor on the V2 Outdoor Camera is the same starlight sensor as the V3 powered camera, but it definitely operates in a similar fashion. I’ll attach a picture below that shows my only remaining V2 Outdoor camera at night without NV, or IR lights.

In that picture, I have the camera positioned to look for squirrels chewing on my fence during the daytime. So the inside of the fence where there is no additional light is dark. This would be the same on the V3 powered camera. The outside of the fence is also very much like the V3 where it can see at night without the traditional Night Vision turned on because of local light.

Both the IR lights and NV be turned on and off on the V2 WOC, just like they can on the V3 powered camera.

BTW, I say my only remaining V2 Outdoor camera because I have 2 V1 WOCs that aren’t sensitive at night, but do not leak. My 2 V2 WOCs both started leaking after more than a year outdoors.

So my recommendation is to try and wait until they release an update to the V2 WOC.

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Thank you for the detailed reply. I appreciate your time and advice.

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