Wyze Cam v3 or Wyze Cam Outdoor v2?

I’m looking to get 2-3 more Wyze cams for outdoor use. I already have 1 Wyze Cam Outdoor I purchased over a year ago. I’m looking at the Wyze Cam v3 to use as outdoors. I know there’s a huge price difference in the Wyze Cam Outdoor v2. Is there any drawback if I were to go with Wyze Cam v3? Night vision? Battery life? I could buy separate solar panel for the new v3 or I could run power for the news cams. That’s not an issue. I have a solar panel for the 1 outdoor v2 Cam already.

The big (huge) difference is that the V3 is a wired camera whereas the WCO is a battery operated camera (and massively crippled in order to preserve battery life). Also the V3 does not need or have any ability to use the base station that the WCO requires.
Since you have an original WCO, you are familiar with how it operates. The WCO v2 as I understand it has a sensor with similar capabilities to that of the V3.


If you are willing to run power as you say, then the ONLY minor drawback is the lack of a PIR sensor for heat based detection. The V3 is otherwise superior.


I always prefer the Wyze Cam v3 and one of my favorite cam.


The V3 is not solar panel capable. Must be wired. Yes, if you are an engineer you could (and some have) build a solar panel that would work, but this isn’t likely simply with the market’s current line of inexpensive off-the-shelf products.

As others here have said, the V3 is superior over any Wyze Outdoor Camera (WOC). The WOCs are only provided for battery-only situations. So go with the V3 flagship if you can wire it to weatherproof power. :slight_smile:

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V3 is far better than the WCO, I have 16 V3’s and 8 V2 in operation.
The Wyze Cam Outdoor ended up at the dump, worst camera ever

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yes, outdoor cams are absolute junk. I have had 3, with 2 of them taking a single charge before dying and one taking only original charge. Complete waste of money. I have no idea why Wyze would continue selling this crap unit and hurt their reputation. I have many other cams and switches of various types and generations that have worked well.

I have 1 Outdoor Wyze cam that’s 1 1/2 years old now. I haven’t had any issues with it so far. I also have a Wasserstein solar charger for the cam. Again no issues. I’m okay with it. But I would like to just a couple of new cams for outside and get the best for the $. I can easily add power to the locations.

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The V3 is the flagship, always go with that where you can run wall power. The more limited battery-powered camera should only be used where you can’t run wall power.

I only have experience with the V3 and its color nighvision is amazing. No IR for illumination and I turned off the status light and zero insects flying around in front of the camera or spiderwebs.