Wyze cam Outdoor with base station

Does anyone have experience with the “Wyze cam Outdoor with base station”. If so, what are the advantages over the V3 ?

Does it have a Longer Range than the V3 ?
Would it be advantageous over the V3 for reaching out further than the V3 into my backyard ?

Stick with the V3, the only advantage is that you don’t need to run power to the WCO cam to use it. I’ve been using four of the version 1 WCO since 4 Nov. 2020 and they work ok for what I use them for but I also have some V3 cams and a V3 Pro. You can’t record continuous with the WCO, you can’t play black from the SD card in the cam unless you are doing scheduled event recording and then it is kind of a pain in the a$$ to use the playback function from the album. If you use an SD card in the base you have to take it out to view on device with card reader and the back up to the base will not work if you use cam plus, it does work with Cam plus lite. What do you plan to use the WCO for?


As in view angle? Or wifi reception distance? The v3 and the WCOv2 are fairly different cameras for different use cases. One is battery powered the needs to be plugged into power, one connects to it’s base station and the other connects to your current wifi network, one has a pixel based detection system and one has a PIR detection system. One allows for continuous recording the other only when there is motion.

What are your use cases? What features or functions are you looking for?

Here is a comparison chart with has the v3 and the WCOs.


@Antonius @Omgitstony
Thanks for your replies. Looks like I will be staying with V3’s. Was mainly wondering if I could reach out a further distance with the WCO than Wi-Fi.

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