Confused about outdoor options here in UK

Hi, I’m new to Wyze coming across it as an alternative to Blink Outdoor which I’m currently testing.
Initially I found the v3 camera which I understand to have built-in battery and external power options… except I need some special add-on to provide outdoor power cabling? This has a SD slot and there is no hub/base-station facility?

Just about to buy one I then saw the Wyze Cam Outdoor. Is this a battery-only device? I can see a base-station is required but you get one with each cam regardless, which seems wasteful, is that right?

Is the Outdoor a newer product aimed at replacing the v3 for outdoor use, or just another option? Seems more a direct Blink Outdoor competitor.

I am keen on the IP-cam facility if this makes a difference. I’d guess that either isn’t supported, or wouldn’t work too well, on a battery-only model… And I’m not even sure the Outdoor is on sale here in the UK. Thanks for any clarity!

Welcome to the forums! Let me touch on a few your comments…

The Wyze am V3 does not have a battery, it needs to be plugged in to a power source to work. The camera itself is outdoor rated and if you want to plug it in to an outlet that is an exterior outlet, you’ll need to get an outdoor rated power supply as the one included in the camera is indoor only. This camera connects directly to your Wi-Fi network that you have in place. The Wyze Cam Outdoor (wco) Is the battery powered camera that connects to a hub, and that’s its connection to the outside world.

It’s another option. Both cameras are outdoor rated and have some similar functions but each do have different functions as well. The V3 has the starlight sensor which opts its performance in low light, the WCO does not. The local storage on the V3 allows you to do continuous recording on an SD card in the camera, the WCO does not but it does have some scheduling functions to record longer clips to the card in the camera. The detection system in the WCO is PIR based, where the V3 is pixel change-based. The WCO is battery powered so it can be placed anywhere within range of the hub.

My hope for anyone that is contemplating what are the other does their due diligence to determine which functions are best for their use case.

IMO, If you have power anywhere near your proposed camera location I would choose the V3, unless the need of the PIR sensor is a deal breaker.


Thanks @Omgitstony - not sure where I got the idea the v3 had a battery, I definitely read one of Wyze’s cameras had a built in 3-6month battery and another had replaceable batteries but unclear now!

Wired sounds preferable for my use and I was leaning towards the v3 to try out as I think it’s supported by the NAS I plan to get as well as a surveillance option. Just wish I could get them at US prices here in the UK… going for $66 on Amazon UK.

The 3 to 6 month battery one is the WCO, depending on conditions of course. How do you plan to connect to the Nas?

No idea - I haven’t got the NAS yet but the v2 at least is explicitly listed as compatible: Surveillance Station IP Camera Support List | Synology Inc.

I think it uses the IP camera feature Wyze added fairly recently, to grab the raw feed.

The cameras listed have the RTSP firmware shown. You’ll have to look into that when your ready. The RTSP firmware is technically a beta branch firmware compiled from a semi recent stable production firmware. If using the RTSP firmware, just be known that future updates and features arnt supported.

Also be aware that the outdoor camera doesn’t support RTSP.

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Yeps. The “list” I mentioned is the link that @MisterWiseBoy posted that only shows the v2 compatible with that system with the RTSP firmware.