Don't know what to buy

I want to get a camera that sends me alerts with motion to my android and I would prefer a battery powered one. Is there a comparison chart somewhere? Thanks.

The only Wyze camera that offers battery operation is the Wyze Outdoor Cam (base station is required). The rest of the Wyze cameras are wired.

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Other cameras are wired for POWER ONLY, They connect via WiFi. This should be made clear to new potential users

The base station on the Wyze Cam Outdoor also requires wired power and needs a wired network connection for setup, but can use either wired Ethernet or WiFi for ongoing connection to your network.

That being said, the picture quality on the WCO is not as good as the newer V3 camera. I hope that Wyze comes out with a newer version of the WCO using a sensor similar to what is in the V3.