Battery power

Who would like to see wyze make cams with battery power rather then plug in power?

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The upcoming outdoor cam has both.
Any USB device can be powered by a battery pack.


So excited! I can’t wait it’s like Christmas!

Can’t wait for what?

Maybe the upcoming outdoor cam you literally just told him about…

I’ve never witnesses someone get that excited about a piece of hardware that may be released.

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Lots of very viable options for powering outdoors with the existing cams. I have a 20k power brick and a cam cover that gives me 12-18 hours outside.

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With the power brick you still need to plug in?

Well i use to use Blink but wyze came along and they had me at Hello! :rofl: I just miss the battery operation.

All batteries have to be recharged.
Cameras like Blink and the new WYZE outdoor camera run a long time on a charge because they aren’t always on. Only record when they detect motion.
Running a WYZE V2 or Pan from battery requires frequent charging. Solar is an option.


Will the Wyze Outdoor cam be able to be on-demand viewed in app? And it sounds like RTSP won’t be supported at all if it’s trying to reduce battery use as much as possibl.e

I’m sure just like the current cams and other outdoor battery cams it would make sense to be able to live view from the app, keep in mind you don’t have to use the battery they can be wired too.

Maybe now that the new outdoor camera uses batteries, we will see one for indoor. Would be nice if we didn’t have to order the outdoor camera if we want this feature :wink:

Huh? Nothing stops you from setting up the new WCO inside… Maybe you were jesting.

To @dusthead , yes reportedly the WCO supports on demand viewing because the base station that is hard wired to your router is capable of waking up the WCO from a low power state.

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