Powering the camera with solar panel

Hello everyone,

I’m looking to install a v2 camera outside my house, but I do not have any power source.
I am curious to know if anyone was able to run these cameras, which one of these below solar panels.
Solar Panels for Wireless Outdoor Security Camera, 5V 4W Waterproof Solar Panel Kit for Rechargeable Battery Surveillance Cam, https://amzn.asia/d/7h8g3Mj
Thanks in advance!

If you purchase the Wyze cam outdoor, it has a battery built in. Wyze also sells a solar panel. Due to the battery limitation the camera lacks a lot of features the wired cams have, but the battery lasts a long time, and if you have the solar panel it never needs recharging

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Has anyone been able to run Wyze Outdoor Cam V2 completely on the solar panel in the northeast? I’m in MA and am wondering if our winters here would provide enough sunlight.

I would charge the camera fully before mounting, but would greatly prefer not having to climb up there (ever) to recharge it.

What is your usage? Will there be frequent events where the camera is located or watching? Will events be few and far between? Will you be live streaming from the camera often? All these questions will help determine battery usage and better estimates as to battery life.

I don’t expect there to be more than a dozen events per day. These cameras are to cover the low traffic areas around the yard.

I take this to mean the Wyze solar panel would not be sufficient even for 1 camera? Do you get a lot of events triggered?

I would say that the solar panel is more than sufficient to keep this topped off.

All kinds of motion triggered events such as wind, leaves, rain, flying insects etc…
Then with Cam Plus it is sorted out to just a few real AI screened events which requires uploading to cloud the video for analysis then a notification.

Then additionally I live in a dense forest and from Late November to Early March I am lucky to get 4 hours of direct sunlight to the solar panels and even with 2 x 100 Watt panel I run out of power for the 2 cams if cloudy. The rest of the year I have more than enough power.

Thanks. The cameras need to be placed in a rather dark corner of the yard, so I’m afraid they won’t get enough direct sunlight during the winter months (especially when it’s cloudy). Will probably need to rethink the location so I can climb up and charge them at least once a year.

Sorry, I just realized that I may have misled you.

I read you post as “I am looking to install a V2 camera outside” So I thought you meant V2 as in V2 Wyze Cam and not a Wtze Cam Outdoor V2.

The Wyze Cam V2 and Wyze Cam Outdoor V2 are entirely two different devices.

You may be fine with a Solar Panel if it is a Wyze Cam Outdoor as they don’t talk back to the network unless they are woke up by movement detection by PIR.
The Wyze Cans V2 and V3 (wired) don’t have a PIR motion sensor so every change in video causes an event trigger.

When you said charge the camera I realized my mistake.

Yes I meant the Outdoor cam, although I would still want video triggered motion detection. I have the floodlight (with Cam V3) and the PIR sensor on that is not as sensitive as I would like it to be.

The outdoor cam v2 (battery, solar panel) uses PIR as well, and that helps filter out leaves and stuff like that, so just animals and people and some really large motion will trigger it.

If your floodlight is not as sensitive as you would like, try adjusting the PIR settings or camera motion detection

Thanks. I have played around with the settings but I have very mature bushes growing all around the house which seem to interfere with the PIR sensor, no matter how high/far I set it. So now I have cheap motion lights which help trigger the camera motion detection.