Wyze Solar Panel - Solar power adapter

MOD EDIT: A solar panel for Wyze Cam Outdoor is now available for preorder!


Would I be possible to add an adapter that allows for solar charging?

Maybe it could work similar to the way the motion sensors clip into the back of the camera.

Hey Mdnj6,

I wish it was that simple however, it requires a solar panel, a battery (otherwise, no sun = no power), a solar charge controller, and some where to put it all. See my project, https://forums.wyze.com/t/100-solar-powered-wyze-cam-pan/.

Also the motion sensors are part of Wyze Sense and what attaches to the back of the camera is the bridge for the sensors.

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This post was moved to ask-the-community since there is already a solar power post in the Wishlist and it looks like we’re talking about methods here. :slight_smile:

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@mdnj6, I’m going to belatedly do the smart thing and ask if you were intending this as a how-to post or a product request post. Sorry I didn’t do this first!

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It was a product request. Thanks!

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Whoops! My bad. I’ll put it back where it’s supposed to go. Thanks for the clarification! :smile:

I see a lot of solar powered security lights. They include a battery and the solar cell.

What are the power requirements for cams (v2 for
me.) seems one could gut a security light and use the solar parts.

Hey Wyze how about a small solar powered battery pack for placing cams outside !!!

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Would like to see a "standalone power supply ( e.g. lantern battery or rechargeable solar battery ) that would allow for mounting a wyzecam outdoors where access to USB power is not practicable. We could use this near driveways, campsitesor to catch critters raiding vegetable gardens,

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I agree. A solar charged battery with enough charge to run all night.
Apple HomeKit needed.
Also just my opinion but google owns Nest. I don’t want a marketing company having a camera with microphone in or around my house. Same goes for Amazon.

When Wyze releases the Outdoor cam please give us the option for a solar panel to charge it. Thanks

There is a camera on Amazon that is battery powered but there is an option to plug in a solar panel. It would be really awsome if the wyze outdoor cam had that option so you don’t have to take it down all the time to recharge it especially if you put it up somewhere high up.

Solar panel


Would be nice

That would be great if Wyze could do that with the Outdoor Cam!!!

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Looks like this product is sold under three or more brands, simply reskinned the packaging. Neither here nor there, but I noticed other options on Amazon, as low as $69.

Would love for the outdoor cameras to have solar charging capabilities, with battery power as a backup. Or, a separate solar tile that attaches to the outdoor cameras.


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What if we had a solar charger for the outdoor cams?
At one point I thought about buying a generic solar battery bank from ebay and put it outside with a V2 cam

Solar charger/panel for outdoor cam to make as maintenance free as possible.

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I do not understand why wyze product developers do not come out with a solar panel accessory for an outdoor camera that is battery power. It will make thing simpler for all the users and the product more competitive against others claiming 6-12 months battery autonomy

I wholeheartedly agree.

I and everyone else has been asking. And we’re all still waiting.