Wyze Solar Panel - Solar power adapter

I’ve been enjoying my Wyze outdoor cameras a lot, but one of my biggest complaints is having to uninstall them to charge the battery. I’ve attempted to use a 3rd party solar panel with an integrated micro usb cable to charge the camera, but failed. The solar panel seemed to drain the cameras battery (extremely fast) instead of charge it, which I found strange.

Has anyone had any success with this? I’d love to see Wyze come out with one.

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I need a Wyze Solar Panel for the Outdoor Cams – I’ve tried different ones from different sellers and they don’t work, I know if you make one — it will work – that’s how good you all are !!

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I have 2 Wasserstein panels and they are working very good for almost 1 year. You can purchase them from their web site or from Amazon.

I actually bought four of them and none worked and I had to return them.
Thank you though.

Please consider developing a solar panel to power the Outdoor camera, though I think it would be useful for any of your cameras. A convenient feature of the Outdoor camera is that it does not need to be near a power source, allowing it to be placed high off the ground. However, with that capability comes the problem of accessibility. Climbing up on a ladder, especially in winter weather, can be awkward and dangerous. Another benefit is that the camera’s power would not run down while the homeowner is on vacation or out of town for an extended period of time.

Please send directions for how I am to locate my post now that it has been “merged” with another post. I am new to using this forum and do not know how to navigate it. Who is “seapup,” the person who seems to be in charge of my post? Thank you.

I know that this isn’t QUITE what the request is, but we do have a solar panel available for preorder now! :tada:


Awesome! Just what I have been waiting for. :grinning: Order placed!

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Thank you!

So does the Wyze Solar Panel keep the Outdoor Cam charged or just extend the battery life? Do we still need to take it down and charge it at some point?

IF you can provide good access to the sun (minimal trees and proper installation angle come to mind), and there is no battery-draining malfunction at the camera (or constant live streaming), then it should power you indefinitely. Because of the varied environments the Solar Panel may be installed in, I think Wyze just promises “fewer charges”.


I don’t suppose anyone has come across the solar panel at your local Home Depot…? My camera will need recharging soon and I would just assume have a permanent energy source to connect to to once and for all…:grin:

I was testing an Eufy Solar panel for an issue and it worked on the Wyze Cam. I didn’t see any issues it actually charged.

So maybe any panel will work.

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Be cautious of any 3rd party solar panel solutions that aren’t designed specifically for the Wyze Outdoor Camera. The problem is anything like that would not have the power connector seal that you need to keep the camera waterproof.

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Unless :thinking: its under something. All my Wyze are either under the awning or in a weather resistant enclosure. But you’re right.

I just needed to test the panel before sending it back to Eufy and a Wyze was handy at that moment. Though the Eufy panels come with a sealing gasket and those 2 cameras are in the driveway without any protection and don’t have water issues.

And yes using another parties panel will/could void your warranty.

Mine stays at 100% all the time.

If I activate live streaming and leave it running, yes the battery will start to drain. But for occasional looks it stays full. Currently at 99% because of current firmware update but by sunrise tomorrow it’ll be at 100% again.

Never had to take down to charge it.


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Constant charge? That’s what I’m talking about! I have the Wyze solar panel on preorder. My only Wyze cam (so far) is on tree. At the rate of battery usage maybe I’ll make to delivery day on just one more charge.:battery:

Make sure the solar panel has a good view of the sun, not thru the tree leaves.

The charge won’t be constant, but should be constant for several hours a day if it has a good view. Enough to keep it at 100% if you don’t do something unusual, like stream all day. :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I think it should be ok. Tree is deciduous so it’ll be fine in winter. Where the cam is on the trunk, and with the way the tree grows now that we’ve had a major branch removed, it’ll have full sun from midday on in summer. Should be plenty to keep it well charged. :sun_with_face:

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I thought connecting the outdoor to a power source voided it’s warranty, so why is there a solar cell from @Wyze to keep it powered?