Outdoor Wyze Cam v2 suggestion

Finally an outdoor cam we can monitor the pool with. Why did they not have an optional solar panel to constantly recharge it?

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I agree with you 100%. I would’ve loved to see the outdoor camera have solar charging and I would’ve been okay with paying more than $60 for it. Even it having the option of wired charging would’ve been great.

The batteries are non replacable on the WCO so most likely you’ll need to buy a new camera once ever 2-4 years.

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The WOC will function normally while plugged in for charge, Wyze says that operating it this way outdoors voids the warranty because, and they are correct on this, it breaches the waterproof enclosure.
Up to you and your skills vs risk level I guess.

I hadn’t realized about the batteries. Was looking to replace the $100 Blink cam in a tree here to see if Wyze works better for $50, but now Im not sure if I have to buy a brand new one in a few years rather than replace batteries.

The WYZE camera alone is $39.99 without the base.
You’ll get 4-5 years or more from the batteries.
How often do you replace your cell phone battery?

But the phone battery needs to be charged at least daily.

Exactly, so it should fail a lot faster than the camera battery. They last for years. Most people replace their phone before they ever replace the battery. Phones are seldom $50.