Outdoor Cam Battery failure

I had problems with my outdoor cam Battery since I first purchased it. It would run down in about 1 month. It took me 2 days to recharge it it . It was a terrible purvhase. They should have made it with replaceable batteries.

Agreed, WCO is a poorly designed product :exclamation:

We had our service technician open 2 of them up and replaced the both batteries and then he used silicon to seal it up

You should document a YouTube Video of the process for other Wyze customers so they can repair their own units :grin:

The boss said no due to we have employees that fixed them and we pay them so no free videos,if the employees want to do it on there own time

Bah-Humbug :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I expect one reason they didn’t is that it should be easier to waterproof a micro USB port vs. a battery compartment (although Blink doesn’t seem to have an issue with doing so).

I planning on returning mine and telling them they can use it as a paper weight. For a few cents more they can easily install a water proof door. If gopro cameras can do it they can.

“Bic-Lighter Design” When it runs out of Fuel - Replace it - $$$$ are the incentive on that decision.

LOL it’s to bad your haveing issues we currently have 4 of the wireless outdoor cameras at 6 locations and all of them are on solar panels and 32gb card and some are from when they were launched,…no issues is what our service technicians tell me