Outdoor cam battery not charging

I bought two outdoor cameras at the same time. One of the batteries is not charging at all. I haven’t had it very long. Is it dead already? Anyone else having a very short battery life issue?

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Hi @RandM and welcome to the community. :slightly_smiling_face:
Some battery have had problem. Best bet is to contact Live Support.

Live support is available: +1-206.339.9646
Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT | Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

Please describe how you go about charging the battery.

My most successful routine is… turn the camera off. Connect it either to the base station or a USB outlet. Do not charge from a portable battery, do no leave the power on.

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I got on the phone with tech support and they suggested I turn off the camera while I charge it. That worked.
I had charged a couple of cams before and had not turned the cam off while doing so. But from now on, I’ll turn the cam off.

Thanks y’all

I am glad that this worked for you.

I would monitor the battery usage on the one you had to turn off.

I am seeing the same problem. I have a single outdoor cam and brought it in to charge when it hit 16%. I have tried a number of USB charges and the base station and it is still draining. I have tried turning it off but it still shows a video feed in the app.

One of my outdoor cameras does not hold a charge for more than a couple days. I’ve tried all the tricks from the forum and have also drastically limited it’s sensitivity but to no avail.
I believe I have a defective battery.

Mine started doing the same thing yesterday.

same here. 1 of my 2 outdoor cams just started having battery issues. Started ~ 30+ days ago, when first noticed i had to charge the one but not the other, and since then it went downhill fast. now it wont hold a charge for 1 day (and that’s fully charged all notifications off, facing a wall not far from base station)

The story I’m telling myself is either:
There’s a QC issue on batteries and I got an outlier in 1 of 2- I’ll need to replace them or the whole unit.
If there is a halfway proven process to recondition batteries; I can try that to kick the can done the road.

time & support will tell.

Work with customer support. If you have it less than one year you can get a replacement.

So we’re not buying these, we’re renting them for a year. Nice.

An Overdue update:

A quick chat with Customer support, send a replacement unit, sent bad one back. - problem resolved
and my other outdoor cam is still going strong.
~ now you know.

Why wouldn’t you replace a problem unit?

Out of warranty. Is Wyze replacing them when they’re more than a year old?

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I recently needed to charge mine and it would charge for a little bit then say it was done but only got up to like 16% battery. I don’t understand why these cameras come with a charging cable but no way to appropriately power the cable. I was using the USB brick from my iphone. I unplugged it and plugged it back in and it charged a little bit more but I can’t get it to charge to 100%. I wish they would include a proper power supply with the cable instead of assuming that people have a way to plug in a USB. Frustrating!