Wyze Outdoor Cam will not stay charged

I have 2 outdoor cams. 1 is pointing to my garage/ front door outside and I have another plugged wireless in my kids room. I first brought the outdoor cam for my garage/front door. That outdoor cam works great. I said so I brought another one. It keeps its charge for at least 2 months or more on a full charge. Since I’ve had it for about Aug 13th. I’ve only recharge it once before I brought an 2nd one on Nov14th. since I’ve had the 1st outdoor cam it’s only been recharged once since Aug. now my second one I have that placed in my kids room. When I got it I automatically set the parameters to have both my detection distance settings and image sensitivity to 75%. I knew it’s an mid-high volume traffic area and I made sure to scheduled my detection to No Motion during the day for 12 hrs and motion detection on during the night to monitor the kids. Since purchasing this 2nd outdoor cam which can work indoors also. I’ve been charging the battery twice a week because it does so quickly since purchasing it back in Nov. During 1 week I turned off event recording motion & motion events notification. Which I thought that would do the trick of maintaining its battery life. Which the battery died again in 2-3 days. I’m not sure if this outdoor cam is an defect or not.

I haven’t tried switching out my 2 cameras to see if the 1 outdoor camera facing outside will drain fast also in the kids room.

It’s still confusing to way the outdoor camera that I have inside battery drains a lot faster then the outdoor camera I have facing outside. I receive more event recording & notification from the camera outside then the one inside with the kids. The outdoor cam facing outside do not have any scheduled events. It receives anywhere between 8-15 notifications daily. Now the outdoor cam in the kids room with all the settings (no motion detected for 12hrs throughout the day & Only motion detected on) receives anywhere between 4-6 notifications daily. Again the outdoor cam in the kids room battery drains every 2-3 days. Matter a fact I just charged it on Jan 2nd to 100% (only fully charged to 98% really - charged for 8hrs using the charger it came with) and it’s at 11% an it’s Jan 5th.

What to do?

I’ll test swapping out the 2 cameras to see if that makes a difference I’m not even sure if it even will. Either the outdoor cam is a defect or the settings I set is not working. But then again I have no settings on the outdoor cam that’s facing my garage/ front door and that camera will remain charged for 2- 3 months. An I compare the charges daily to see what the percentage is with battery life.

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Welcome to the forums! Do you monitor or live stream the kids room camera at all to your device?

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Right now it’s only scheduled to event record for 12 hours during the night.

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Don’t think the IR lights would drain the WOC that fast but check they are not set to ON.
If there were more events the distance from WOC base might increase battery drain w/distance.
Like to see what happens when you swap the cams. Sounds a little atypical. :thinking:

I have the same issue. I got the first batch of cameras/base stations and have had that cam out without a problem since. Then as soon as they became available as add-ons, I got 3 more cameras. They were all working fine when I first put them out, but batteries were down to 20-30%, so I pulled them in on Monday and charged them all up. Now one of the newer ones is completely draining on me overnight. 3 nights in a row now I’ve gotten up to a dead battery in it.

There was a firmware update this week, but that came out after I had already seen the battery drain completely once, and the other 3 cams are working as before.

Just opened a support ticket with Wyze on this one.

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I’m having similar issues. It came off the charger 3 hours ago and now it’s down to 75%. Worked great until the cold came through this week. At this rate it will be dead by morning.

Turns out I had left a window open on a laptop streaming from that can, once I closed that the can battery was back to normal.