Wyze cam outdoor constantly detecting motion and killing battery

Hello! I have 12 Wyze outdoor cams. For the most part they have been working pretty good. However, I have one camera (all have latest firmware) that, no matter what I seem to set the sensitivity to, thinks there is constant motion. The camera is basically useless because the battery only lasts about less than a day. When this first happened I had a TON of notifications and battery lasted less than a day. I recharged the battery back to 100% and put it out last night with a sensitivity in the 30s (I have other cameras in the same area set in the 80s and they’re fine) and while I didn’t get any notifications (ZERO!) the battery was dead again this morning so I’m assuming maybe Wyze just turned off the recordings because they recognized a major issue and it was unnecessary filling up their server? Either way, has anybody seen this and is there anything I can do aside from making a warranty claim? Thanks!

I have not heard of this issue, what I would do is swap the camera with the issue with one working properly, see if the problem follows the camera or is location related. If it follows the camera I would start a warranty claim, if it stays in the location we would need to figure out what is triggering it

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When I had it in the house and charging, it was constantly going off so I put the camera, lens down in a pillow, and it was still going off. So, it doesn’t look to be location related. Thinking it just must have went bad.

Thanks for the reply!

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Definitely sounds like an issue with the camera. I would contact support


I have been having this problem with 2 of my cameras since the last update. Sometimes it looks to be caused by insects and others there is no visible reason why. I have 2 cameras that will die overnight

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Hmmm… I tried to submit a ticket using the instruction provided. But, what happens is a chat window pops up and I go through that, type in my issue, then it just sits there and I can’t do anything else and nobody replies. Seems like something broke with their ticket submitting system?

i think they make it hard to submit a ticket on purpose.
just send a message in the chat box. it will give you suggestions and click no that they aren’t helpful. go through any other prompts the same way, and eventually you’ll have the option to email them and it will open a form

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btw, I’ve had a ticket open with them for a week.
here is what you should expect.

  1. they will send you basic common steps like “make sure your battery is charged” and “turn down sensitivity”
  2. they will ask you to power cycle the cameras, and to perform a manual firmware flash which requires a micro sd card.
  3. they will ask you to turn sensitivity down

after all of these not helping, they have asked me to send them a picture of the front of the cameras at night… for whatever reason… i don’t know how that will help at all. with my sensitivity on 10 i still had the problem last night

I found a phone number, called them, and they sent me an email to start the return process. Phone support WAY better than that ridiculous chat box that doesn’t go anywhere or do anything. LOL!