Wyze outdoor cam battery life

My Outdoor cam is only getting 1 or 2 days on a charge, anyone else having issues?


Same here But worse…, hooked it up With fully charged battery Sunday afternoon, battery was dead Monday morning when I woke up

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This was my fear. I have the RIng 2 doorbell, and 3 batteries… I get a day at most, and ring admits this is NORMAL because I get 5 notifications a day on average… Keep in mind, 4 are from GF and me. (leaving and returning from work), This is why i’m hesitant to go to a battery powered wyze cam. Hope your issues are outliers, and let us know if you get it resolved from Wzye.

Similar issue here. I’ve two cheap Chinese battery operated outdoor copycat IP cameras and their battery lasts easily 6 months and they are already 1 yr old. Hence shouldn’t be an issue to produce something reliable in 2020


I was just checking that same thing out, I charged mine up Sat about 3 pm and as of Mon at 5 pm it is at 42%. I understand it is a new toy and I keep screwing with it but that doesn’t bode well for 6 month between charges.

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I agree the advertised battery like is exaggerated. I have had mine up for a week and it’s almost down to 50% and have followed the suggested way to conserve battery life.

I am not sure, I turned mine off. The camera as a whole sucks [mod edit]. Not surprising the battery is so pathetic.

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Mine has used about 35% in 2 days and it isnt even working.

My battery was 100% when I set the Cam up August 8 , I played with live view a lot testing it out, , today it is 98%
39 event clips August 8 to 10th

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It’s seeming as if your cam is working well. Wanna share settings? what kinda climate are you in, ect. most people are below 20% battery in 2-3 days


I don’t find days a good measure for battery life as it can vary greatly based on the activity of placement area. That being said, something sounds wrong if your battery is below 20% after 2-3 days unless you are: getting hundreds of events a day, using timelapse, continuously recording using scheduled recordings, constantly logging into the camera and streaming, battery was not fully charged.

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Trying an experiment, Camera fully charged, turned on, facing a blank wall and not logging into the app, I want to see what the battery life is with no activity.


I agree, however, many on this forum are experiencing about 4-5 days, fully charged to fully dead. And that’s for person detection ONLY. My brother has one on his back door, which is rarely used. Had 6 events stored over 3 days, battery was FULLY charged, and was dead overnight of day 3, into day 4. Never did live view or anything.

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That is definately not normal. From my experience it should take 1000+ events to get the battery below 15%. Camera is not in direct sun and is located in coastal pacific northwest.

I live in the metro Phoenix and it’s hot here. I check the camera a couple times in the morning and and at night and they normal traffic during the day.

Mine is using 1% per day so far. After 11 days, it’s at 89%. Mine is mounted on my porch ceiling pointed down, covering the front porch, and also part of the front yard and part of the driveway. It seems to mostly just trigger a recording when a person is on the front porch (which is what I wanted). I have notifications for both people and all other motion turned on. Base station is ~ 10ft away, but is going through 2 walls. SD cards in both WCO and base station.

I have my camera pointed at the front door as to not be triggered by things in the yard or street. I do not currently have SD cards in either device. I do not believe this has any affect on battery life.

I’ve been doing something similar. I am testing the WOC battery life before I place it in a remote location. My current settings are Notifications on, Event recording only, Night Vision IR lights auto. I am only recording 1 or 2 events per day, so this is not asking much. After 5 days, I’m down to 95%. So, with current conditions, I could respect it to last 100 days if it would actually work down to 0%.
So, even more than car mileage claims, I think Wyze is grossly misstating the useful battery life before recharging.

Wyze surely tested the camera battery life in various modes and should publish their results.

No that’s right, the SD cards probably increase battery usage if anything.

What is the distance between the cam and the base station? And what is the signal going through to get to the cam? Those are 2 things that likely will affect batt life.

Going on 5 hours and battery still on 100 %