WYZE Outdoor Cam - Battery Issue

I’ve been having a problem for a fairly long time. Unfortunate that I purchased this outdoor cam with another outdoor cam and the other ones doing just fine in the same situation… Although the cam, i’m writing about only lasts approximately 3-4 days on the battery. Because I’ve had this almost 3 years Yes, there’s really nothing else. I can do but accept the loss of this one cam I’m guessing… even though it seems like an issue with the battery.

Just highly frustrated because the other night my car got broken into because my battery was dead. Thanks to my two neighbors who caught the guy on their RING cams… go figure.

I’m curious if anyone has any success with changing the battery out themselves?

I have 10 Wyze cams this has been the only significant problem I’ve had but still very frustrating due to their cost.


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Can you get a screenshot of the battery graph from the settings → device info → battery usage menu when the battery % gets down low please and add it here? Curious to see what that shows for the usage of this problem camera. Thanks in advance!

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I took the device out when I used another cam to replace. I’ll reconnect and run to check

Put the camera where you had it before (or somewhere similar), let it get some real world use so that the battery usage graph has some real data to show how the camera is operating with events, live viewing etc. Thanks!

Will do… not like it matters but activation date on the cam was 01/21

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So I recharged the camera and deleted it but added it back. It uses plus for recordings rather than the sd card here is the battery usage. Cameria is already down to 30%.

Here is battery form already to 30%

I have the same issue with my outdoor v2 camera. It only holds a charge for three days where as the other two I have will go for days. I even tried a solar panel and it wouldn’t hold a charge. What does the graph tell me?

As you can see it went from 30% to 1% in like a day? This isn’t normal!!!

And it’s nothing wise will do about this?


Your Wyze Cam Outdoor is positioned for the ultimate battery drain use case:

  • Appears to be indoors behind glass
  • Facing a busy street
  • Facing moving tree branches and greenery
  • Facing the sun

Your battery usage stats show most of the drain is from uploading events. Those events are most likely not what you wish to capture, but they all tax the battery. The cam merely captures what you set it to capture based on where you position the cam and your settings in the Wyze app.

Wyze Cam Outdoor
Wyze Cam Outdoor Mounting Guide

I put it the house because it was easier… Originally, when I had it outside it was mounted to the side of the house not behind glass. It didn’t face the street It was more towards my neighbor’s house. And it was set up not to notice vehicles. I just put it there just to check to see and show the battery. This is what it was doing when it was mounted in the other location as well. So it’s not the location that’s draining the battery.

When it was originally mounted on the side of the house…

*It was not pointed at sun (points east)
*Mounted to side of house (not behind glass)
*Wasn’t focus on a busy street (driveway)
*Was no tree for branches…

And still had this battery issue.

I don’t know what the issue was with your cam prior to this topic. I only know what you posted above as evidence in screenshots above. Your screenshots clearly show battery is being drained from uploading events. So many events that the cam is always active vs switching to passive sleep mode. If you wish to determine if the cam has a battery issue, charge it up to 100% and place it indoors facing a less traveled area… like in a closet. The battery should go for months. This cam is my oldest, activated on 08/10/2020. It captures about 20 events per day, has been going for 54 days and still has 83% charge: