Wyze outdoor camera sucks

I have bought some wyze outdoor camera.
the battery sucks on all of them
the battery runs out in a day
now I have problem charging them, they wont charge neither
very bad camera
lost of my money


You may want to reach out to support. My outdoor cameras last at least a week with moderate to high volumes of detection.

Are you doing a lot of live views? That will drain the battery fast.


I have two and the base station. I also have the solar charger which keeps the camera charged. This issue with mine is connection. It goes offline all the time and I have to relink it to the base. These items are not worth the money.

I tried a Wyze Cam Outdoor too, was not impressed.

It got thrown out, now I use just V3 cams.

Whyze uses the lowest quality batteries so failure is inevitable with those.

Should have given it to the Escape cat. All 4 of my Version 1 WCO are alive for now and I have no issues with battery drain (Unless self inflicted) or charging.