Battery Life

I was looking forward to finally Wyze coming out with an outdoor cam however since I received the product it offering more issues then it promise. First the camera doesn’t charge at a 100% rather 79 now one week later the camera is already at 52%. Seems far fetch with the 4-6 months battery life but I don’t know if they released the product before it was truly ready. I love Wyze and own 5 additional cameras but with the outdoor cam I am not impressed. Further more I have sent a multiple tickets for service/help several times and only got one response. The rep only took me to a trouble shooting link and after I replied it didn’t work the rep never responded back. Has anyone else experience this issue of battery life problems? Is their a fix? Is your battery also draining faster then expected?

At 50 HD event clips daily for 4 days, my WCO used 13% of the charge, leaving me to suspect it would go five or six weeks without needing recharge. for my application the motion detection isn’t nearly as good as a V2 so I’ll probably use it as a doorstop. I recorded a 20 minute time lapse yesterday and it took about 20 minutes to download a 68 megabyte file. Kind of a fail in my opinion.