It's Finally Here - Wyze Cam Outdoor 6/23/20

Our biggest product launch since 2017 is finally here: Wyze Cam Outdoor. Our first 100% wire-free, weatherproof camera is now available exclusively through Early Access for $49.99 through the Wyze app or


Yay!! I’m so exited! I’ll be buying some later today :slight_smile:

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The rechargeable battery last 3-6 months depending on use, Does that mean it last that long on a full charge? Or is the battery no longer good after that time? If the latter question, are we able to replace the battery?

If we are in Canada and acquiring it via a relay US address, will the service function normally in Canada? Am I ok to purchase?


Read through the FAQ and two items that raise red flags for me are:

  • Continuously recording to a micro SD card like Wyze Cam v2 will make the battery life extremely short. Because of this, we did not build this feature and Wyze Cam v2 is still the best option for this use case. However, we did build a “Scheduled Recording” feature where you can schedule specific times for the camera to continuously record to its local micro SD card or record when PIR is triggered though this will reduce battery life.

  • The camera will function while charging. However, this is not recommended as the camera is built with the intention of running primarily off of its battery power.

Both items suggest it can be done, but is not recommended. My plan was to have all of these plugged in constantly. Assuming the camera functions normally while plugged in (which is questionable based on item 2 above), is there any reason i cant just setup the schedule to record 24/7? Battery life wouldnt be an issue for me.


I went to select the option of backing the item (not sure if it will be one or two outdoor cams), however the item never gets added to the cart and it loops through trying to purchase it.

Edit: Receiving a internal 500 error!

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Very frustrating, Your site is not ready for prime time! I tried to order it but looks like the site crash.

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It eventually will work. I had the same issues initially

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Now let us buy it!! :canada:


How many times did it take you to get the item added to the cart?

“500 Internal Server Error” - you need to beef up your ordering system!


battery is in the base?
so cannot drill mounting holes.
same hardware as V2?

yes it functions fine in Canada

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I can finally get to the check out page, but it always says there’s an error at the top for a second, then the bottom says " 1. Sorry, no quotes are available for this order at this time"
Did you pay with CC or Amazon Pay?

The battery can go 3-6 months on a single charge assuming very light use and infrequent triggers. The batteries themselves should last years, again just depending on the number of charge/discharge cycles like all rechargeable batteries. Due to the waterproofing I doubt the batteries are replaceable, but like most cell phones that shouldn’t be an issue over the useful life of the product.


The battery is inside the camera enclosure itself, so if the 2 existing mounting holes in the base are not adequate you can modify the base or use a standard tripod threaded mount.


Tried to order for half an hour, using different browsers and different computers. I give up. Very frustrating and disappointing after all the hype.


@snells68, the battery is rechargeable and should last on a charge for 3-6 months with normal use.

@middens, yes, you should be fine in Canada once you get it there. :slight_smile:

@bri11oh34d, I suspect you’d have to regularly reset the schedule for that plan. It may not be the best product for your use case.

@HiddenKnight, sorry about that! We’re working on the server errors.

@emeow2me, we apologize and are working to resolve it now.

@davidnestico2001, we’re looking forward to being able to ship to our Canadian friends!

@KillerBeagle, we’re working on it! Sorry for the trouble. I’d recommend checking back in an hour.

@cf7, the battery is with the camera body. You can use the screw holes with the base. :slight_smile:

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please let me buy it in Canada! @WyzeGwendolyn