It's Finally Here - Wyze Cam Outdoor 6/23/20

Same here. Pretty sad as I love the scale and cameras I have now.

Can’t buy it, your server keeps crashing!

Confused. I go to the Shop page, select the outdoor cam and taken to a Outdoor Starter Bundle page where all I can do is “Back this”. How does one order? :thinking:

Been trying for over 30 minutes to purchase as well and keep getting 500 Internal Server Errors from NGINX. please fix so we can purchase.

Wyze please fix the order issues! Can’t wait to buy this!

I got as far as “Place Order”. After I press it, it goes back to the error page. I worry that by the time I am done with this, I will ended up with 10 cameras!!!

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Definitely should have placed the order first before watching the slick video.

OMG… IMPOSSIBLE TO BUY… what a terrible experience trying to buy it… your website is crashing.

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This should be interesting. It doesn’t look like my order went through on the Wyze side as the process crashed and the cart still shows the outdoor cam but I got an email from Amazon that my payment is processing. It doesn’t help that I can’t access my orders on the My Account page…

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Took 35 minutes this go around, only one ordered this time. @WyzeGwendolyn, just an FYI, the Wyze app shop never updated withe the outdoor cam. Only the website had the option to back.

Can’t checkout, 503 server error.

I got the email that thew WCO was released now if I could only order it…

  1. Can use of the base station be optional? If we know our home router or AP is compatible/capable, why do we need this?

  2. Can this be flashed for use with RTSP instead?

I can’t seem to find whether it’s Micro USB or USB-C. The specs just say “Battery Powered” and that it comes with “Camera Charging USB Cable x1”. Is it a proprietary port?

Love the idea.

Would be cool to have a regulator for connection of a solar panel to allow for recharging, basically eliminating the need for battery replacement. For this to work the camera would need to function while charging.

I feel like the difficulty with ordering does not bode well for the product.

It’s good to see Wyze doesn’t learn from it’s previous product launches. LOL!
I might try to order it again, site keeps timing out, but I’m happy with my Blink externals.

Edited to add: order placed and able to pay via Amazon. Paypal through the Wyze app was a no go. It still took several tries and reloads to make it happen. C’mon Wyze, please learn from this one.

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When will the expansion cameras be available to order?

I was gonna but 5 but I can’t… also buying the camera without a base isn’t available yet…

Not sure…