Introducing Wyze Battery Cam Pro - 8/1/2023

The all-new Wyze Battery Cam Pro is the ultimate go anywhere :runner: see anything :eyes: security camera. This camera operates wire-free and HUB FREE, and runs on long-lasting removable, and rechargeable Li-Ion batteries. See EVERYTHING with upgraded 2K HDR video & Color Night Vision. All that, plus a motion-activated, integrated spotlight + siren means you might have found our most powerful and versatile outdoor security camera yet. :drooling_face:

And for our Canadian friends, here is the link to your shop! :canada:

Join Kyle, our Head of Brand Engagement, live on TikTok on August 1st at 2 PM Pacific to learn more about the product and participate in a :sparkles: big :sparkles: giveaway!

And if you want to get into the meaty bits of the product development, head over to r/wyzecam on Reddit on August 2nd at 3 PM Pacific for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Li, the Product Manager for Wyze Battery Cam Pro.


It is a shame that Wyze is not incorporating RTSP into their cameras. for a $100 camera, the ability to use other software to view the camera would help sell it…


Nice. How much is Wyze undercutting the competition at $94? Or is apple$-to-apple$ difficult because of distinct feature sets?

It seems well-appointed.

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@WyzeJasonJ or anyone else that can help. I have a couple of questions about the included mounting hardware. What does it look like and how does it work? Can I use a the same kind of mounting kit that I used with the Pan V1 & V2?

Video also shows charging options

The $94 price point is just too high! And I hate the term “Color Night Vision” with regards to cameras, when it’s nothing more than vision with a light on. Guess my front porch has color night vision too, when I turn on the porch lights. And while I’m driving at night, my car has color night vision as well. lol

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Perfect! Thanks. I guess I should have looked a little harder. :wink:

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A few questions:

  1. Does the camera work with Cam Plus Lite?
  2. Can it record to local SD card? If so, what battery life can we expect?
  3. Can it work temporarily without wifi connection and record locally? If so, for how long could it operate?

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None of the new cameras after the V3 work with Cam Plus lite.
Local recording- not yet

A lot of extra cost involved for second battery, 5 V 2 Amp power adapter, the battery charger is you want one. To expensive for the Raccoons.

This service is supported only on Non-Doorbell cameras released before 2/1/2021, so it will not work on this camera.

MicroSD card support is coming in an app/firmware update. Battery life will depend greatly on how you set it to record.

Not until the microSD card recording launches and how long would greatly depend on the settings.


Thanks for the response.

Thanks Jason! Just to add a few things there.

You will have the options to continuously record or record motion only events to local SD card but we generally don’t recommend continuous recording with a battery because the battery drains completely for ~10 hours. We suggest connecting the camera to a power outlet for continuous recording. Our outdoor power adapter compatibility is also coming soon for Battery Cam Pro. If recording motion only events, the battery life is based on how often the camera records.


I’m jazzed to see that it supports 2.4 and 5 GHz Wifi - not that I will buy any battery powered camera…
Maybe that means we will see additional cameras support 5 GHz in the future…

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If you are interested in the Reddit AMA tomorrow with @WyzeLi, Product Manager for the Wyze Cam Battery Pro. You can ask questions over on Reddit at the link below and tomorrow at 3:00 pm PT we will begin answering the most upvoted questions.

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Maybe you have a different definition of “Color Night Vision” that I do. Obviously I don’t know how well this new cameras works, but my V3, V3 Pro, V3 Pan, and OG-Tele cameras work quite well in color in very low light conditions. Obviously not in total dark.

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My questions are :

  1. if I buy the can n 2 Battery pkg, does it come with the charger?
  2. does the old OD cam solar panel work with this cam too?
  3. Is there an SD slot on the new cam too ?
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The charging dock is sold separately, the batteries can be charged outside the camera without the charging dock though.

I believe it does, you would just need an adapter to go from micro USB to USB-C

There is a microSD card slot, microSD card recording will be enabled soon.

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I pulled an " Icarus " n flew to close to the Wyze / Amz prime, shopping sun.

It offered the 2 battery pkg option, but would only put the 1 battery pkg item iny cart.

After several attempts, I guess it saved me $19 (x bat) saved me 5.99 (shippg) n cost me a $20 coupon.

All told Who kno’s ?

Another wonderful buying experience

I want to use the Wyze Battery Cam Pro as a rear-view monitor for my camper and want to know how long it can stream continuously.