I was thinking about buying the new Battery Cam Pro ... But then I saw the review

LifeHackster did his review … With the amount of compression Wyze is doing on that camera the videos could be 640X480 or less. It looks far worse than I see on my Wyze Cam 3. And at night without light it is Wyze Cam V1 quality night mode.

I think I will pass until they make a 2nd generation of this one.

I was really expecting better. I don’t know why they would even release it with this much video compression.

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Wyze has certainly been doing a ton of compression lately. I am not a huge fan of that. Also, they are keeping the bit rate really low. I am sure the main reason is to keep the cost of Cam Plus low since this reduces the amount of bandwidth used and storage required for it, as well as making it so more users can use it without it overloading their limited internet bandwidth (and subsequently blaming the camera for not working well, when the main problem is their network limitations)…so I can see why they are doing it. However, I think one of the main issues in this particular case of where he is running with the license plate is that it’s only 15fps…that and the snapshot speed (“shutter speed”) could be making a big impact.

As for compression though, to be fair, a lot of camera companies are doing a lot of compression and low bitrates --especially when they start offering more than 1080p resolution, but this one does seem to have a lot more compression artifacts than most based on comparisons between Lifehackster’s other reviews. I think some of the fault is with the 15fps though, because I see similar issues when my other cams switch to nightvision and only do 15fps, and the video is far less clear in those cases too. Still, hopefully his feedback to Wyze about it will help them reduce the compression a little bit to get closer to the average of others, or maybe they’ll actually consider raising the fps from 15 to 20, especially when we use these as a plug-in camera, not just battery.

I have found that the video quality on these looks really good within a reasonable close range. The artifacts are easier to notice when you get closer to the edges of the detection distance or move really fast (since the fps is so low). I think most people won’t notice it unless they are trying to record small or detailed things at farther ranges, or have things moving really fast.

This camera does have some other strengths though. For example, using Radar and PIR makes it so that it has fewer false detection issues and preserves the battery a lot for a lot of people’s use-cases. Also, if you have regular motion (people walking), then it’s still really good in most of those cases too. It offers a really bright spotlight, and many other benefits too. However, I would definitely love to see the following improved:

  • Compression
  • Bitrate
  • FPS
  • Maybe make it a little brighter in dim lighting.

Ok first off… This is being sold as a 2K camera so in theory you should have better not equal or worse effective resolution. And with the level of compression you have likely less effective resolution.
Wyze is also marketing them more now as security cameras so again being able to identify someone is pretty critical and again with this compression it is awful.

As for the compression if it was JUST a bandwidth issue they could sell a cam plus HD for more money. And they could have less compression on the local stored copy. (Noting that they didn’t even activate local video storage yet on this camera. Another reason not to buy yet.)

For now this is has worse night mode than a Cam 3. And even worse video compression than a Cam 3 Pro.

You gain a battery but you loose way to many useful features. Hopefully next years version will be better.


I received my Battery Cam Pro yesterday and it’s defective so am returning it. This appears fairly common on other tech threads I see. Not sure this product was ready for launch and/or their QA dept was asleep in the factory

What’s defective about it? What’s your experience?

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i bought this camera due to the convenience. no plugs. no wires. battery operated. well…

this camera is a piece of crap. doesn’t detect. doesn’t record events. stays in power save mode so it doesn’t record events ever. (even when power save mode is clicked off). waste of money.
i literally have stood in front of the camera waving my hands & it still doesn’t record. doesn’t record me talking or my dogs bark (which she does a good amount). a van just pulled up right in front of my window. you think it recorded it. no it did not.

i have contacted the wyze team over 20 times about this, literally! & they suggested i do a step of trouble shooting- as if i didn’t do them in the first place! not my first wyze camera, not my first rodeo.
my detection settings & event recordings are all
checked. everything should be the way it should be in recording & detection.

now all they can say is, please wait for a firmware update… uhhh wyze firmware updates could be like 3 months from now!

worst camera i have ever bought from them.

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Is the camera in a window looking out the window? The PIR sensors do not work through glass. The camera front needs to be unobstructed. I don’t know about the radar aspect of the news cameras.

I am not sure about the new battery cameras, but the WCO V1 and WCO v2 do not “detect sound” as an event trigger.

More in a bit…

My take on that cam is that its battery based so you can be sure its bottom of the barrel without thinking further :rofl:

Not like it comes with an EV car battery.

Seems just obvious to me. Keep your phone recording and the battery doesn’t last that long. Stuff has to be chopped down to lighten the load.

Mine is defective as well. The USB charging port isn’t working.

nah. the batteries actually last long. & recording it in my phone, that would be silly, that’s what can plus is for.
it’s literally just the detection.

The battery cam pro does one thing, and one thing only. It sells more cam plus subscriptions…

What a complete waste of a camera, the firmware --as is, prevents users from recording to the sd card.