I was thinking about buying the new Battery Cam Pro ... But then I saw the review

@kooryh - I get about 30 days in my backyard. But then I will have more drainage when the shadows from the trees or my wife’s plants start “taying’ in da winnd”. I have to tune it even more to avoid that. It’s tough to not have them get drained because they are trying to do what you ask of them (record things!) so, they try real hard to record for you.

I charged the original Batter on jun10th to 100% and installed it at 9AM
Today June 12th 2PM the pro Cam has recorded10 event 14-18 second each and battery is @ 73%

@Earl.Automation - Excuse the mixup. I missed @kooryh post.

@kooryh - Did you turn off “Sunset to Sunrise” toggle for the Spotlight?

I found it would drain the battery pretty quick because it will turn on if a bush is waving around. And it turns on even when it doesn’t record an event (I think anyway). I turned mine off and just setup rules that if a PET/PERSON is detected, or my back-door opens… only then turn on the Spotlight.

I would suggest turning on SMART DETECTION events only. Don’t use motion outside.

Can you share your settings on your camera?

If I had plug near buy I would, I just don’t want to drill holes, to accommodate this cam
My over all point is these cams are great with all the features but the battery is Not

I hope you read my last email to you
I had 10 event 14-18 second each for less than2 minutes of recording battery lost 25% in 2 days
I will turn of the spot light to see what happens, but what good is the feature when you cant use it
Here are my settings:
Detc Rage 20 feet
Sensitivity =4
Motion tagging = on
Detc Zone =on and very small zone
Cooldown=5 minutes
Max video lenght = 12S
Power save =on
Stat lit, Nit IR, Watermark, logo =on
Resolution= HD
Sunset to Sunrise is now off

I will say that I put one of these in a low traffic area (ie:shed) and the battery lasted a really long time…months? So it absolutely does partially depend on how often you have traffic triggering it, sensitivity settings, etc. I also have some in high traffic areas and it will die in 1 day if I allow it to record constantly with no cooldown and 5 minute event video lengths recording nearly 24/7 from constant traffic.

If someone has a battery not lasting as long as they would like, consider changing the cooldown, the event recording length, add a solar panel to charge the battery, maybe don’t use the spotlight, avoid using speaker. Don’t live stream it very often, etc.

I can confirm the battery is able to last several months in certain conditions and with certain settings as @Earl.Automation has been explaining, but in some cases it’s helpful to use a solar panel to make sure you aren’t having to recharge the battery manually very often. I have 3 with solar panels and 2 without them. The ones with solar panels I NEVER have to manually charge. They do a great job staying charged forever.

So you have to keep it in a dark closet to get best results?

Just kidding with you, but I think you said that.

Other manufacturers make similiar claims. Many customers find such offensive as it resembles vulgar slang.

This is not well thought either, spotlight should be activated based on illuminance sensor readings, there is absolutely no need camera sends customer location to Wyze, it is violation of privacy.

I would like ask community if someone received replacement camera under warranty?
How Wyze extended warranty?

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Naw, actually “DARK” is worse than well-lit. If you have it in a dark place, then it’s possibly going to waste more battery on IR lights or spotlight. Mostly I was illustrating the difference between low traffic vs high traffic. Obviously the battery would last longer in low traffic areas in general.

Having said that, I think the PM for this indicated somewhere in public that the 6 months was tested based on a certain number of short triggers/events per day. I don’t remember the exact number though. It’s probably in an AMA somewhere.

I would definitely recommend against using the max Detection sensitivity too, since it uses only PIR, while all the rest require both PIR AND Radar to trigger before they’ll count something as an event. This helps save on battery for most people.

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I would turn off the IR and flood lights to save power in the dark. Hopefully if someone comes into the shed, daylight would illuminate the area or they would flip the light on. :laughing:

You made all good points. I just took it as a funny statement. Definitely not as bad as turning it off to save power for 6 months.

I took it like the joke about @peepeep is a great person when he is asleep.

I should have been born British with my sense or lack of humor.


I’m not sure what this means. It does not resemble vulgar slang in the English language.

Wyze (and everything in your digital world), wants location to do location based things (GeoFence and Sunset/Sundown times for your location). It’s absolutely well thought out because #1 - you don’t have to use it, #2 - if you want to use it, the feature must know where you live to adjust times as everyone has different Sunrise/Sunseet times based on your latitude.

If you don’t want Internet connected things to know your location, then get rid of ALL of your Internet connected things. They all tell on you (whether you think you’ve locked them down or not). That cell phone in your hand is CONSTANTLY telling on you.

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you clearly do not understand implications.
if you want give your location to everybody so be it, let others more conscious decide.
anyway the way is now is flawed, spotlight will not activate when it is already dark outside, or for example camera mounted inside, sunset/sunrise times have nothing to do with light condidtions. What a dumb idea.
Activating on smart detections is also flawed, it does activate but long time after action so you do not see what actually happened.
It must use luminance sensor just like other cameras do.

I understand the “implications” of location tracking. I said

You can turn off Location Tracking with Wyze (and every app in your Android or IOS). Most people understand this and turn it off as needed for their tastes. Android has gone so far as to automatically disable the permissions of dormant apps on your phone for you. They also remind you, from time to time, WHAT has Location History permissions… so that you are reminded that you’ve given Location Permissions to an application.

LOCATION PERMISSIONS are NOT FORCED on you. You are free to turn it off. You seem to be saying that you CAN’T turn it off??? That’s simply un-true for Wyze and everything on your phone. You have the power to disable it on your phone and computer, you’ve always had the power to disable on your phone and computer, and no 1 app is forcing you to use it.

The Spotlight will turn on with motion. It shouldn’t just simply just turn on when it’s dark like a night light. It’s NOT a night light. It does this fast and it records pretty quick too. I use it in my backyard when animals are running around at night to see what they are doing.

not true, right now there is no option to activate spotlight based on light conditions.
10 years old white blink has it, newest wyze does not.

of course it is not night light, you completely miss point, escalating pointless exchange
it must activate on motion but only when light conditions are poor

@colonel - Clarify what you are saying as your English is very broken and hard to understand.

Are you saying that if it gets dark you want the Spotlight to come ON and stay ON?

The Spotlight can turn on ANYTIME you want; regardless of time of day, location, or darkness. You do this by setting a Rule:

IF Battery Cam Pro detects motion: Turn on Spotlight for 1 min.
IF Battery Cam Pro detects Person: Turn on Spotlight for 1 min.
IF Battery Cam Pro detects Pet: Turn on Spotlight for 1 min, turn on a siren, blink a light. etc. etc.

You can do whatever you want with the Spotlight based on any event you want… i.e. the back door opens, turn on the Spotlight.

Do you use the Rules/Automations at all?

Ok… I think you are saying, IF it’s DARK and IF there is motion… Turn on the Spotlight.

Wyze does NOT have this. Agreed.

I couldn’t figure this out at first… then I figured out you meant “capeesh

To clarify why Wyze requires location permission to setup certain devices, it’s because setup requires using Bluetooth and if any app has Bluetooth access it can easily determine your exact current location just by scanning what Bluetooth devices are within signal reach. It doesn’t need GPS to know exactly where you are at.

Same thing with Wi-Fi. If an app can scan nearby Wi-Fi SSIDs then it doesn’t need GPS to know exactly where you are at.

Due to the above facts, Android has forced app developers to request location permissions in order to gain Bluetooth access. This is to make sure that users are aware that by giving Bluetooth permission, the app company automatically has access to their location just as if they gave them GPS access.

Since the IoT industry is making a big push to have all smart devices use Bluetooth for setup, and often use Wi-Fi for ongoing connectivity, this basically means that every smart home company will have access to your location even if you try to fake your GPS location with a spoofing program like a VPN. If they can scan your WiFi or Bluetooth, they know your real location.

What you can do to mitigate this a little bit is only allow that permission “one time” during setup instead of ongoing permission. But even so, if they care, they’ll already know your location from that one time when you set it up.

I personally doubt Wyze cares that much since they don’t “sell” our private data. But the main point is, one of the only ways you’re going to get any smart devices without someone knowing your location is by using a strictly local and privacy oriented platform like Home Assistant. Any cloud based company app like Wyze, Ring, Arlo, Nest, or basically any corporation will ask to scan Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to setup their devices and thus can know your location if they care to.

That is Why Android requires you to get location permissions for the Wyze app when you set up devices, because you need to use Bluetooth to set them up, and Android wants you to know that means they’ll know your real location even if you try to spoof your GPS.

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and “capiche

2 spellings apparently?