Wyze is re-designing how their cameras work, and I don’t think it’s a good thing

Recently bought the hundred dollar battery camp pro for outdoor usage by my garage door. I have nine or 10 other wise cams of different styles throughout my house inside and out. Besides the low price that they used to have, I like the I did that the view when you tapped that specific camera in your app was instantaneous .
No, they’re not so cheap, $100 for my new outdoor battery, cam pro, more than many others, such as Blink, Arlo, etc.
I mediately notice after setting the camera up and using it, that I did not have a instantaneous view of the image, but rather had to press the play arrow in the middle of the screen, a second time for a live stream to start. This has nothing to do with Cam Plus, or any other added feature. The time in which it takes for me to open up the camera, tap the screen and wait for the streaming to begin price may 8 to 10 seconds or longer. It’s long enough for any porch pirate or thief to easily walk around the side of my garage, and Gain access to the back or steal things.
I called their support yesterday and talk to a nice young lady, and after the conversation concluded, she determined that this is the way the new design cameras work, because they have now changed the internal design of the cameras to all function this way. I explained that this is not a desirable feature as most want to see an instant image and not have to wait or interact a second time with the app. Unfortunately, this is how they’re moving forward. And personally, I may have to rethink my home video surveillance solution with another manufacture. For me, that just unchecked two important boxes for me; price, and instant visibility. I think it’s important to let folks know this, and I did mention this to the support lady that they oughta be honest and upfront and defined the changes so people will know ahead of time rather than having buyers remorse .

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I am going to assume that all your existing cameras are wired cameras. Yes, the battery powered cameras (old and new) DO operate differently than wired cameras - BECAUSE they are battery powered. They do a bunch of things different in order to preserve battery life. Just to add to it, the Battery Cam Pro also uses the new User Interface (which all of the newer camera models use). Some people like the new UI, and some do not.

Personally you could not give me any of the battery powered cameras because in my opinion,they are so crippled in order to preserve battery life that they are damn near useless. However, that is my opinion, and not everyone will agree with it.

Also BTW, I am not a big fan of the new UI.

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@saclark1 , You can have it default to a live stream and not require you to push the play button.

Live Stream the Camera, then click on settings. Go to Advance Settings and turn off Power Saver Mode.


Thank you! I change the setting, and now it says it up automatically; very helpful.


I apologize that support was not able to resolve this by showing you the setting that should be changed. Could you give me the support ticket number you have so I can give it to the team for training purposes?

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WyzeJasonJ - Thank you for monitoring this forum. Your responses let people know that Wyze (thru you) cares about the problems being discussed. Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

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Does anyone know why the original camera’s take so long to open. It’s been a while that this has been happening and i didn’t feel like trying to use this as until now I always had to login to the forum seperately frim the wyze app, and I was to lazy to bother but it is just getting worse and worse so here I am checking what’s happening. Thank you.