Battery Cam Pro

I ordered 3 at 12:02 ( 2 min after release ) sitting in a parking lot while I was out of town. Arrived home on Wednesday at 2pm and they were already there. I told my wife the prior Friday “I’m ordering 3 the minute they launch”
Is wyze listening to me. :joy:

I’ll find out next week how they work as they go on the property I was at to replace 2 old V2 wireless cameras. Hopefully the range is 100 - 150 feet longer than the current base station - cam setup. as my current setup is absolutely maxed out with the base stuck to a window facing the gate through 300 feet of woods. The new Pros will be connected to an Omada outdoor AP which will be about 400 ft away and 40 feet higher.


Let us know if they work well at that distance for you and how they compare to the old ones you were using.

The stream is very slow to load. I thought that would be improved. It may even be a bit slower than Wyze Cam Outdoor v2.


Live stream is very slow to come up. Motion seems to pop events pretty quickly, but then viewing the live stream is very slow. I’m on gig internet with consistent downloads in the 900mb range and uploads in the 870mb range. My wifi speed on iPad is in the 600mb with all new AX3000 mesh system My V3 pro cams 400 miles away which are also about 220 feet from an old LTE 40mb ( at best) solar powered cellular router load almost instantly in 2k mode.

Next Day via AMZ,
Better than the “2 days”, they promised !

It is much slower, than WOC V1

To follow-up on the ínstall. I am at 153 yards from my outdoor POE Omada access point to my back gate and the cameras are absolutely maxed out for distance. Motion works and sends a video better than “live view” works. Live view is pretty iffy but it’s to be expected at that distance. Both the camera and the AP are located 10 ft above ground and it’s from a hill to a hill with thick woods in between. Overall satisfied. Hope that firmware updates address the slow “live view” on the other closer cameras. The others (2) of the cameras are 1/2 the distance and work great. All are on 6 watt solar panels and went from 90% to 100% in about 5 hours during an overcast day.

“Live view”, gets up to speed, real soon .

It’s unacceptable that Wyze released this camera with such a slow load time. They had to know about this prior to the release. And why has it still not been fixed?!

From the product Manager:

Any input on wake time to live view?

It takes about 7 seconds to receive the first frame. This is because the camera can’t pre-authenticate a livestream connection. That is usually done on base stations due to the camera entering a power-saving sleep mode when the stream is not being viewed. This makes the livestream take 1-2 seconds longer to receive the first frame compared to our Wyze Cam Outdoor.

Basically, Outdoor cams without a base station need to wake up first, then authenticate, then record. That process takes around 7 seconds. They can record. It’s not uncommon for non-base connected cams to take 10+ seconds without a base station if they’ve been sleeping for a while.

If quick load time is critical/important, this can sometimes be reduced by using a camera with a base station instead.

I’m not sure Wyze can get it to go from a cold start to loaded within less than 7 seconds, although, what they might be able to consider doing is start the recording immediately upon wake, even if it hasn’t authenticated yet, just store a few seconds of recording in the RAM while it waits to authenticate. Then as soon as the authentication is approved, they can start uploading what was already recorded. They only need to make it match up totally live if someone is trying to live stream. I don’t know how easy that would be to implement or if it would introduce other problems/concerns, but it would be a potential way of capturing events slightly earlier. It wouldn’t help with livestreaming loading from a sleep state though. In that case, I think we just have to wait the 7+ seconds. I’m sure it can load a little quicker if it is loading from a warm start instead of a cold start, but I am not sure how much more they can do to “fix it”…is your load time taking longer than 7-10 seconds for some reason, or is that the slow load time you are talking about?

This is interesting because my old Reolink Argus battery camera can go to live view in way under 7 seconds so I’d think the Battery Cam Pro should be able to do this as well. Wyze just has to want to make it happen and as a security camera, being able to get to live view quickly really is important.

I have the same thoughts coming from other battery cams with slow live view. If hardware and firmware allows, I suggest a toggle in the app for user choice.
Especially if AC or solor powered but available for all.

Battery Saving On and Battery Saving Off.