I’m new here just got my cameras last night and set up this morning. On wize view on my desktop i can only view 1 out of 3 cameras. It is showing that both of my Outdoor v2 cameras are Unsupported but in the description it says that the outdoor v2 will work.

Do you have CamPlus on the cameras?

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What description? None of the battery powered cams are supported. The V2 (Plug in powered) camera is supported not the WYZE Cam Outdoor Version 2 cam.


Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @lew1!

@K6CCC and @Antonius are both correct. Wyze Web View, which is still in Beta development, will not support any Wyze Cam Outdoor or any cam not subscribed to CamPlus.

There were previously places on the website that listed the compatible cams incorrectly, but those were reported and corrected. If you have a link or a screenshot of where you read that it was compatible with Wyze Web View, please post that so it can get fixed.

From the Wyze Web View FAQ:

Which devices are supported?

The ability to view the live stream and Event videos are available on Wyze Cam v2 and v3, and Wyze Cam Pan v1.


This is from the WYZE home page Q/A. Thanks as long as I know that I did not do something wrong I’m good. I baiscly purchased WYZE to test it out as my other system does not work all the time.

Thank you ALL.
This is a very helpful community I just now realized that cam V2 and Cam outdoor V2 are not the same camera. As I said I’m new yesterday to WYZX.


Yea sorry for the confusion! Maybe @WyzeJasonJ can get that updated to add “Battery powered Wyze Cam Outdoors are NOT supported at this time!”


No worries! Glad to have you aboard! There is definitely a learning curve as these cams have so many features and settings adjustments to fine tune them.

I am not one of them, but there are a lot of expert WCO users here in the forum who can help you get the most out of your WCO. @Antonius is one of the best that I regularly tag in for expert setup and troubleshooting advice.

Keep coming back and searching for features on your cam(s). Post in questions as they come up and someone will refer you to the right topic, post or user.

Good luck!


I don’t know if it is too late as I just spoke with, Ze / Wyze Wizard.

I left it at it is 4 days old and most of it does not work so send a return shipping label, I will just take a refund.

9/07/22 I ordered :

You’ll get a shipping confirmation and tracking number soon! Here’s what you just bought:
Wyze Cam v3 Garage Door Controller

Wyze Cam v3 + Garage Door Controller Bundle 1 pcs $43.99
Wyze Cam v3

1 Pack 1 pcs $29.99
Wyze Cam Outdoor v2

Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 Add-On Camera 1 pcs $63.99
Wyze Cam Outdoor v2

Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 Starter Bundle 1 pcs $73.99

9/15/22 my order arrived; it was supposed to be here on Tuesday the 13th but whatever.

Thursday eve and over night I charged the 2 outdoor V2 cameras. And set up the Cam v3 with the free 14-day trial of cam plus on my phone. I checked out some of the features and eventually went to bed.

Friday the 16th I placed the Cam v3 in my service shop. I than set up the base station for the 2 outdoor Cam v2 cameras and attempted to set up the free cam plus trail for them also. The trial would not work and wanted my charge card and wanted to bill me at $1.99 mo/cam and thru wyze I could get the same cam plus for $1.25 mo/cam.

Saturday the 17th in the morning one of the outdoor cam v2 would not work (off line) turns out the battery was dead, so much for 6 mo battery life. I took the camera down and brought it in and charged it again over night.

Sunday morning the 18th I put the cam back and was able to see the live stream. Until Sunday evening when that same cam went off line again, the battery was dead, in less than 1 day.

So here I’m this morning Monday the 19th with the same camera on the charger. I called Customer service and they were not so good. After over 1hr and multiple times being placed on hold not one problem has been solved.

My Questions were:

1 What is with my battery life?

Answer, they offered to replace that camera as it may be defective.

2 The events that were recorded by cam plus on either of the outdoor cam v2 cameras were not visible in the cam plus app on my phone because it tells me I need to purchase the app for those two cameras. Apparently, my free trial expired. I have not even owned the camera for 4 days and the 14 day trial has expired already. The events recorded by the third camera (cam v3) work just fine.

Answer #1, I need to purchase the cam plus from wyze from wyze web site BUT was told do not purchase it from in the app.

Answer #2, purchase Cam Plus Lite (it is free) you just don’t get all the options you get with Cam Plus.

3 Why do I have to purchase something that was included, free with the cameras?

Answer, that is all I can do.

4 I got an email with a code to receive one month of free cam plus but when entering the code, it wants my cc info because it is automatically billed monthly after the free month unless you cancel it before the end of the free month. BUT the monthly fee is at the $1.99 per mo per cam and the regular force is only $1.25 per mo/cam.

Answer, don’t buy from email or in app only buy from

5 Does cam plus offer / do more than the free 14-day trial version of cam plus

Answer, No it is the same.

6 With the purchase of cam plus will I be able to view live streaming of more than one camera at the same time, on the same app?

Answer, No

7 Is there a way to play back what the camera saw if it didn’t record it as an event. Case in point my Cam v3 recorded an event, myself in my truck driving away to the right. What it did not record was me driving right in front of the camera (about 40’away), when I drove from the right to the left thru my “u” shape drive way and kept on going right out into the street, where I was now going from the left to the right and now farther away from the camera (about 80’ away), and just before I was out of the right-side view of the camera it only than started to record.

Answer. No there is no way to watch what was not recorded as an event. Or what happened before the event started to record.

8 Is there a way to jump to a specific event by time, other than scrolling thru the whole list of events to get to the specific moment you want to see.

Answer, No

And one of the many questions I asked before I made the purchase. Can you view the cameras on a desktop or laptop.

Answer, Yes and sent me to something. However, they never told me that the outdoor cam v2’s that I was purchasing, would not be viewable on live view on a desktop.

In short Did I expected too much from a low-cost product?

Did the wyze wizard on the phone not know the product?

Or are we all guinea pigs for wyze and helping them work out the bugs so they can prefect their product and will the price reflect this later.

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Wow, that’s a lot to unpack.

Sorry you are having so much trouble. It really shouldn’t be made to be so difficult.

Not sure why the initial install on the WCOv2 didn’t offer the CamPlus trial. I do not have any WCO so I am not first hand familliar with their operation or features or if they even have the trial out of the box. I have never installed one. Best bet is to get help on the WCOv2 from an expert WCO user who posted earlier.

One day battery life sounds highly irregular. I do know that there are many settings within the WCO that can affect battery discharge, but again I am not able to help you with those.

For the WCOv2, where in the app did it tell you that the trial had expired? Since these are new installs, you should have new trials.

In app purchases are processed, serviced, and controlled by the Google Play Store. You will NOT get a refund if you decide to change down the road before the term is up. Purchasing from the Wyze Website allows you a prorated refund and the flexibility of changing your subscriptions.

Yes, it can be free, but there are limitations. 5 minute cooldown lockout, only 12s video, no Vehicle, Pet, or Package Detection.

You will end up purchasing at the end of the 14 day free trial if you choose to continue it, but you should have received the free trial on the WCOv2!

So what they sent you is a free month of CP at the ‘Billed Monthly’ rate: a month to month subscription @ $1.99\month. The $1.25\month is when you pay annually for all 12 months. The coupon code should be good on the website as well.

You would have to use the coupon, start the first month on the coupon, and then edit the sub before the expiration of the first month (when you will be charged the first $1.99 pmt) and make it an annual plan paying for the next 12 months @ $1.25\mo = $15 .

Answer is correct. Same product just 14 days worth free.

Not entirely correct answer. I cannot speak to how the WCO react when grouped or live streamed. I know that they are not designed for constant live streaming because of the battery drain it causes. One of the WCO users can speak to this specifically.

But, the V3 cams can be grouped and live streamed together on the same screen in the app. In portrait mode 3 V3 can be streamed simultaniously and 4 in landscape.

Not entirely true. With an SD card in the V3 cam set to record continuous, all video can be captured 24\7 regardless of Event Video status. (WCO have a bit different setup)

Event videos recorded to the cloud have a button to jump directly to the timestamp on the SD of that event and the SD card video can be moved to any time you choose regardless if a Cloud Event was recorded. SD Card Recording\Video Playback is a seperate and independent function from the Event Video Recording\Viewer (cloud based).

There are MANY requests for this in the #wishlist.

If you asked that question prior to purchasing and that is the answer you were given, it was the wrong answer, or at least not entirely correct. They should have listed incompatible cams.

No, I think you just had a really bad experience. Since you have a battery failing and all the trials show expired, I would contact CS and get a replacement for all the WCOv2. It sounds to me like you may have been shipped restocked items.

Give them another shot to make it right and then you can make the judgement call.

I believe their knowledge of the product is thru training and CS question\answer scripts, not hands on personal daily application experience.

The products you purchased have been on the market for a long time and have been well tested. You shouldn’t have experienced the problems you did. The only issue you have that can be explained is the WCOv2 compatibility issue within WebView and that was because you were given bad info pre-purchase. Everything else is very odd for new installs… No trials, bad battery. And these are isolated to one type of Cam…the WCOv2. Makes me think you have a bad batch or lot shipped to you.


Know that the battery life estimations expect NO live streaming. You can easily extinguish a battery-powered camera in 1 day by live viewing it for multiple hours.

The battery cams are intended to stay asleep, only awakening when a warm-body souce passes by, and then only long enough to send you a short recording to alert you.

If you need continuous coverage, either live view or SD card, the fixed-view always-powered V3 is the MUCH better choice.


Thank you so much SlabSlayer. I assumed most would just see the length of this post and skip it, Thank you for taking the time to read it and more thank you for the info. I do think I will be calling cs this afternoon and getting the one can replaced and give it a another try. Maybe when I call I can get a more knowledgeable rep.
Further more maybe I should just ask my questions here, this group seems to have more knowledge with the products than cs.
With your help I do know have 3 live streaming in my phone, again thank you for that, cs tells me no can do. Later today or this week I guess I will try to set up and install the last V3 with the overhead door opener…yea me.
Again SlabSalyer your the best. Thank you for all your help.

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Thank you Newshound for the reply. What you say makes complete sense I may be looking into the solar panels for the cam if I keep it all. Late yesterday I got the notification that cam in question was 100% charged and I put it back in place, it does only record when there is motion I would assume. I checked all the settings against the other outdoor cam v2 and they are set the same. I do believe I simply just got a bad cam/battery. This morning when I got up i checked all came and the 2 battery cams, the one with no problems charged up from day one is at 96% as expected. The cam with problems was taking off the charger yesterday around 2pm and this morning is already at 56%.

I thank you for the help and in the future I will be asking here first.

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Have you checked the signal at the problem cam ? Weak signal is a battery killer.


Try putting both cams inside close to the base right night to each other fully charged. See if they last the same, since they will get exactly the same motion. If one dies, get a replacement.

Support is great for replacements and orders and stuff, but if you have questions this community is often a better choice :slight_smile:


Because the forum is filled with users who have experienced most of the setup and application issues in employing these cams, use them daily, can test situations on their own cams, and have knowledge of certain workarounds and alternative ways to accomplish a goal that CS can’t know and would never suggest, the forum is probably the best place to start before entering the CS pipe.

The suggestions above are great troubleshooting tips. Good Luck!

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