Wyze Outdoor Cam with CAM Plus

It is still not clear to me if Wyze will allow WebView access for my Wyze Outdoor Cam. I do indeed, have the CAM Plus feature license but when I try to log into the WebView I get a notice indicating Cam Plus is needed. Do I need to throw these cameras out and buy new ones?

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Wyze has stated that there are no plans to support battery-operated cameras with the live webview feature.

The error you are seeing about needing cam plus is simply the default message. It is saying that “this” [aka Webview] needs cam plus, and at the end it says it’s currently only available for V2, V3, and Cam Pan [though they will work on adding some others in the future like the doorbell]. The real problem is that the battery-operated Outdoor cam itself is unsupported, and there are not currently any plans to support it for the webview feature.

It would be great if they change their mind further down the road and allow us to agree to a disclaimer about how kills the battery life, or let us use it while it’s plugged in at least…but for now, don’t expect it will ever be supported, because it’s likely it won’t (since they have said their intent is to not support it).


The battery camera is not compatible with live view due to it uses the base/hub

If you have a Wyze source for this, I’d be interested in the link to it.

So far I haven’t seen anyone mention the base/hub as an issue…Only that they’re afraid of hurting the battery life:


If you’ve read something about the base/hub being an issue, please link me to that so I can add it to my collection of official Wyze statements about it. Thanks. :slight_smile:


The WCO aka Battery camera is compatible with live view on my phone, and on my iPad, and on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Is there something different happening with the mobile devices that allows for Live View to happen, that can’t be implemented on the Wyze Web View.

On that note, I see other inconsistencies in what the user experiences for Live View on a mobile device via the App, and Wyze Web View which I will open a new thread to point those out at another time.


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That not what we were talking g about its not the app version it’s a live view on your p.c. useing chrome…again not the app.and only works with CAM +

nixhome2020 is talking about Web View. Wyze stated that they have no plans to support WCO on Web View in the name of battery life. nixhome2020 would like to know, with respect to battery life, how viewing WCO via phone app is any different than viewing the same WCO via Web View.

Not that I know of, and that’s a good question. I’ll see if we can get an answer from Wyze.


Thank you very much for the very clear explanation. That works for me…looks like I definitely need to buy upgraded products. Ill just cancel my licenses now for the old models until I get into the new ones…there is no point anyway having continue to read more about these latest developments.


Just to add another perspective, having a camera with a battery, especially one which can be charged via a solar panel, improves the use of the camera for security purposes. Currently, if someone wants to disable the Wyze cameras, they need only to disrupt power to those cameras. Battery operated cameras do not have this security limitation. Clearly, if a battery operated camera is constantly streaming, then the battery life is limited. As stated, though, if the camera is being constantly viewed live through the app, the battery life is just as limited. It is also limited because the camera captures events like trees waving or shadows moving or pixelation. We all understand the limitations in place when adding RTSP to a battery operated camera. Please allow the owners who understand about RTSP to manage battery life and do not limit the camera usage because an engineer believes that it could be incorrectly utilized.

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