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I just activated the Web View and all of my cams are enabled with Cam Plus. The regular cams display on web view. The Outdoor Cams indicate that Cam Plus is required, which they have. Are the Outdoor Cam and Base, or just cams, compatible with the Web View?

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At this time, the Wyze Cam Outdoor (WCO) base and cam is not supported by beta Web View due to battery concerns. Wyze has indicated that they are considering Web View support for battery-powered cams, but we have no word on when they will make that decision. Please vote for this #wishlist item (change request) to encourage Wyze to provide Web View support for the Wyze Cam Outdoor:


All of my WCO’s have solar panels so that keeps them powered up and can be viewed in TinyCam Pro. They are viewed for hours a day and have no issues. The Wyze View should be able to support this too. So, please support the WCO working with the Web View, even if is turned off after 15 minutes, since it is a big issue not being able to see my WCO’s when I have both V3’s and WCO’s around my house.

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If you’d like to influence Wyze’s decision to support this, you need to post your reply in the Wishlist item noted above and click the Vote button in the upper left corner of the Wishlist item.


I have two cams already subscribed with cam plus, but get an error saying I need to subscribe. I would like to use this feature with Webview

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I have my WCO hooked up to a solar panel so it stays charged all the time.
This allows me to not climb a ladder to have to charge it. It stays at 100% charged all the time. It would be a great thing to be able to view it via the web view.
Please allow that to happen…

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There is also this wishlist that specifically request for support of the WCO on the web viewer “IF” the solar panel is attached

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One thing I learned from one of the Wyze customer reps not long ago - the solar panel merely extends the battery life - it doesn’t keep the battery at 100% permanently. So you will still have to charge the camera, just not as often as without the solar panel. :expressionless:

Depends on camera usage, available sunlight, etc. If camera usage drains the battery faster than the solar panel can trickle charge the camera, yea you’ll have to eventually charge it another way eventually. Or disable the camera settings so that it doesn’t make event videos etc so that the solar panel can charge it.

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It stays charged all the time because you don’t live stream. :slight_smile: The Solar Panel will not be able to keep it charged if you live stream more than an hour or two a day. If you exceed that, the battery will keep falling further behind on charge.

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