Wyze Outdoor Cam support in Wyze Webview?

I purchased a Cam Plus annual subscription with the idea that my Wyze Outdoor Cams would be available in the new Wyze Webview. It appears they are not. Is there any plan in the future to support the outdoor cams in Webview?

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From what we have heard from Wyze so far – no.

You may want to seek a refund?

Same here. They showed up on the Beta view saying they needed Cam Plus licenses to work (even though they already had them). The annual looked like a good deal so I signed up for that, and then discovered it still didn’t work for my 4 outdoor cameras.

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For device compatibility, the team is working on enabling more devices in the future. This includes Wyze Video Doorbell. Due to current limitations, we cannot support battery-powered cameras (like Wyze Cam Outdoor). But we’ll keep researching the solution there!

I was told they don’t offer WebView to Outdoor Cams because it would drain battery life quickly. Shouldn’t WE THE CUSTOMERS be the ones to determine how much we would use WebView, KNOWING that it drains the battery? Don’t say it works with Cam Plus, then say “Well, we’re looking out for you.” Treat the customers like adults. We can make that decision, just like using a phone function that we know drains the battery. It’s a choice. Bait and switch.


Alright you cant call something bait and switch when it was not even offered originally… comeon.

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