Wyze Webview Beta Now Available! - 11/23/21

Jimmy from Wyze™ Yesterday at 7:15 PM

WCO is not supported for Web View at all regardless of firmware - we’re not planning to support battery-operated cameras as disrupting their deep sleep can tremendously affect their battery longevity.


I’m fine with that on WCO as I can still see recorded events via this Webview.


thanks for offering this beta! Some observations:

  1. Doesn’t work through my firewall (Surfshark), even though I added wyze.com to the whitelist. Gives the adblocker error for captcha.Tried multiple browsers, disabled adblock where present, but only way I could connect is by turning off the firewall

  2. I see someone posted that doorbells aren’t supported - here is what I experience with my doorbell (not plus):
    a. I see a play button in the liveview box showing a view of my doorbell with yesterday’s timestamp, but play never loads
    b. I can view and play events, but the last 12 hours of events don’t show up

  3. When I find my CAM2 I will update the firmware and test that. Need to find that before my Wyze Car gets here!

wow your outdoor cams get to sleep ?
Mine records almost all day. living in the country there is always a critter somewhere setting it off …

well i have lifetime cam+ on all my devices . i realize the outdoor cams will display the firmware warning cause they are not compatable . my other cams work sometime with chrome but never with firefox even on PC .

my biggest concern is my cams are shared with my wife . when she logs into the webview it tells her she needs to purchase a cam+ subscription . this is not how it works in the app … are you plaining to fix this . also all the cams show as needing firmware update when she logs in . but if i login only 2 cams show needing firmware which is the outdoor ones …

hope you get this sorted .

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Hi, everyone!

I have an update from the team! More specifically, from @WyzeShawn. :slight_smile:

Update 11/24/21

Thanks all for actively testing the new Wyze Webview! As we are testing, I want to keep you updated about several known issues we are currently working on:

  • For device compatibility, the team is working on enabling more devices in the future. This includes Wyze Video Doorbell. Due to current limitations, we cannot support battery-powered cameras (like Wyze Cam Outdoor). But we’ll keep researching the solution there!

  • For slow loading live streams, a firmware improvement will become available in the upcoming weeks. Please stay tuned and update your firmware when it arrives. Thanks for your understanding!

Here’s a link to our current Wyze Webview FAQ. We’ll be updating it over time. :slight_smile:


Appears to be down

I was able to just open it using Edge browser

I never use Microsoft browser’s. They’re too hackable but I’ll try a different one

I am at work and it was the only one available

It has been reported to the development team and they are working on it. :+1:

Just a note on WEBVIEW EVENTS… when viewing “Events” on PC, (Win10 latest Chrome)… my normally portrait Video Doorbell events are presented sideways in landscape mode. Makes it very difficult to review Events. Is there a workaround or is this a known bug?

This is an incredible add to the services. Thank you!!

Thanks. This looks great in firefox on my PC. I can only see events. Initially it does not allow me to select Live View on the menu, However after viewing events if I go back to the Live View button, it will allow me see to view. Probably just a little quirk which will be fixed in time.
One thing I would like to have is the ability to delete the events at the time I view them, or delete a group. I can’t delete more than one at a time on me smartphone either, so perhaps it is not prossible. I’m talking about deleting the events recorded to my memory card, not the online view. Is that possible?

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The doorbell camera will not load love the concept.

as a cam plus user on two of my five cameras I have never heard of lifetime cam plus subscriptions - where is that and what is the pricing compared to the monthly vs yearly price?

WYZE posted earlier that they are still working on the doorbell camera connection.

It worked for me yesterday on my 2 cams that have Cam Plus, however I had to keep signing in over and over again. Today it doesn’t work at all. I keep getting this error message when I try to sign in. I’ve tried numerous times throughout the day and evening. “Full authentication is required to access this resourceunauthorized”

It isn’t lifetime… they call it unlimited but really allows 99 or less cameras for $100 year

Thanks - was not aware of that option - hadn’t seen it advertised or offered anywhere - been a long time wyze user!