Wyze Cam Plus PC Live PC Stream

Now not able to login into beta pc stream for Wyze Cam Plus. Oh and was asked to subscribe again.

Your talking about the webview correct? What cameras are you trying to use? What browser are you using? There are more variables at play than just if it’s a cam plus camera or not.


I’ve tried all the browsers and all of them just have a spinning loading circle when i try and use the new Wyze Doorbell Pro that just came out.

Welcome to the forums! So far the battery operated cameras arnt supported in the beta webview. You’ll need a v2, v3 or a PanCam to view using the webview currently.


I have the V3 Can you see that in a customer account view on your end?

Mavens and Mods are not Wyze employees, we are community users like you. So I have no access to any of your or anyones account info.

But I can get my V3 with camplus to show up on my desktop in chrome. I know that browser choice is finicky, and right now chrome is the one that works the most.


Thanks for this post. Only one of my three cameras with Cam Plus provides a live stream, and it’s the plugged-in Pan Cam. The other two are outdoor cams on battery and show up in the list, but indicate they don’t have Cam Plus even though they do. Presumably, one day battery cams will be able to stream in web view. Thanks again.

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I have my door bell pro running off the AC, so its not using batteries

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