Wyze View - Cameras are not compatible?

Hello. Looking to utilize the functionality of “Wyze View” in beta mode although my cameras say they are not compatible when in fact they are. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Do you have them updated to the latest F/W and Cam Plus licenses?
Both are needed.
You also might need to be in the Beta program.

Yes, they are updated and have Cam Plus licenses. How would I be able to get into the Beta program?

I’m not a Beta tester, just have CamPlus Unlimited and the browser viewer still works for me…

Very odd.

This is what I am getting.

Try from a different browser and/or internet provider, not saying it will fix it but just a test for more information…

Got it. I’ll try that!

Same here that software is not compatible

Mine works. I have one V3 on Cam plus,(Driveway), the other 4 cams are WCO so they won’t work. This screen shot is from a Dell laptop, Chrome Browser, Xfinity Internet. I am not a Beta Tester either.

What camera’s are you trying to view? The Live view is still in Beta and some Camera’s are not supported or have some issues. WCO’s will not work as they are battery operated, VDB will be sideways and works at times. V3’s seem to function better. I have found refreshing the page after the screen loads allows the Camera’s to stream.

CamPlus is required and it looks like you have that, so we can rule that out.

Interesting that WYZE really does not permit the use of Wyze Cams and Cam Plus Services for any use other than Household usage.

It seems this is in a school and not a home, and there are other users that use these in a business setting as they @kae4560 often speak of “Their Customers Installations”

In the Terms of Service for CamPlus:

Installation and Use

Your installation and use of the Wyze Cam Black, the Wyze Cam, the Wyze Cam v2, the Wyze Cam Pan, and any other Product released by Wyze which can transmit or record audio and video (the “ Wyze Cam Products ”) are subject to the Supplemental Terms for the Wyze Cam.

**Additionally, before using Cam Plus Services, it is your obligation to determine whether your intended use is subject to any data protection or privacy laws, and to comply with such laws at all times. e Cam Plus Services are intended for purely personal and household use. These Cam Plus Terms do not permit you to use the Cam Plus Services in a business or a workplace.

Supplemental Terms for the Wyze Cam.
Also found in section 1 A 2nd paragraph of “Supplemental Terms for the Wyze Cam” link above:
Unless specifically authorized by Wyze in writing, all Wyze Cam Products and related Services are intended for purely personal use in or around your home.

Most of my cameras are outdoor plus battery operated which may be the issue. I also have a V2. Is that not supported? Will the battery operated cameras be supported in the future?


Thank you for the info.! We are just doing testing.


I have a v2 which connects sporadically. The V3’s seem to be more consistent.

V2 with camplus is supported, the WCOs are not at this time.

Follow the linked thread for updates.

Or here:

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