Wyze Cam View on the Web, SUPER buggy

So I have been using the web view for a couple weeks. Just upgraded to yearly cam plus.
i have 11 cameras. all but 2 are v2, or pans, etc.
However almost all of them just show a black screen, 1-2 keeps spinning and 2 work.
Its always something.
Again I know its beta, but ive not been able to see multuple cams yet.
Any idea what may be the issue?
All are on latest SW


Welcome to Beta,

@Dunginhawk , what browser are you using? Firefox is not working, but they are working to resolve it. You might try Chrome.

It’s beta so it’s a work in progress. Not complete or refined by any means. If you want a finished product now, you’ll have to wait. Not all camera products are supported yet. Things state most browsers are supported, but live view works much better on chrome than the others for me.

I would keep an eye on this thread for future official updates and community convo about it.

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Yeah I am trying chrome… its just not ready… and thats fine… but i would expect more than 1 out of 11 cameras to be working haha