Wyze Webview not working

I just subscribed one of V2 cams to Cam Plus so I can test the Web View. The camera shows a picture with the play icon. When I click on it, All it does is show the spinner. I’ve tried refreshing and rebooting the camera to no avail. What do I need to do to make a V2 cam work with the new Web View.


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Keep in mind the web viewer is still in beta and not fully optimized yet.

I have a wide range of cameras on a cam plus unlimited subscription and get the same results.

Try a couple of different web browsers and see if one works better for you than the others… i.e Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc.

Also I have found it somewhat beneficial at times to clean up my browser cache, this is just good browser maintenance.

I am sure we the Wyze users will see better performance of the web viewer once the utility is out of beta.


I am seeing the same thing. Just see spinner after clicking play. Tried when it first came out, but still the same behavior today.

Was using Firefox (96.0 (64-bit)). I tried Chromium (97.0.4692.71) and it does work from that browser. I am running Ubuntu 20.04.

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I’m also not able to login anymore. Worked the first few times I tried it. Now I consistently get the following message across several browsers:

<error_description>Full authentication is required to access this resource</error_description>


Anyone else seeing this behavior?

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I am also having the same issue. And though I understand that the Web View is still in Beta, Wyze is charging a fee for the service, albeit a small fee, but a fee nonetheless. I just started using the service, and I have been able to connect only once to camera via webview. Different web browsers to no avail.

just today the same thing now … i did a reboot/ power cycle still nothing!

no not having that issue just not being able to see the live feed on either cameras , just keeps spinning . did power cycle/ reboot still nothing

hi, i have wyze camera’s now for a while been using them and i have a paid membership, but it was working great after update now it’s not working keeps spinning when hit play, did power cycle / reboot and nothing just for today so far …

Working again for me…

As much as I love the products I have to say the webview is just not ready for prime time.

yes, same here !

I am desperately trying to get Wyze to change the web view Beta so it’s more interactive with the people doing the design and code. We are her to help, but we can’t easily do that when we don’t get any of the “What to test” and “What got fixed in this Update?” like say a device (firmware) or App forum gets.

We can’t test the sound function, we can’t test can’t test any camera functionality, and we have no idea why it’s not working “today”. I’m sure it’s a matter of resources, and the processes they are using - they really didn’t think this through as it pertains to a “Web” Beta. I’ve no idea if I’ll make any headway, but I think I’ll put something in the Wishlist too.

I think a lot of customers come to this forum thinking Wyze is monitoring - they are not. You may be lucky and a Wyze employee/manager will chime in, but it could be so much better. There has to be two way communications.