Wyze cam v3 not working in web view

I can’t get the Wyze cam v3 to work on the web view. My pan v3 works just fine but the other will not load. Any way to fix this?

What is it not doing?

It is not connecting. I get the spinning wheel.

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Make sure it is on the newest firmware. Then try unplugging the power cord and plugging it back in.
If you are running a longer 3rd party cord to it, it could also be that your camera isn’t getting sufficient power to it. I have some with problems because of that.

I don’t think it’s the camera which is the problem. It works fine in the app but it won’t load on the web view.

Ok. I finally got it to connect to webview but neither of my cameras will stay connected. I’m guessing webview just generally sucks.

Webview does have issues. What browser are you using? Although some stuff works in other browsers, as far as I know, only Chrome is supported.

I am using Safari.

I’m having the same problem with my cam V3 and am using Chrome. It worked for a while and then stopped working and just get the same spinning wheel.

Got it working. I guess I just have to complain to get the web view to work. A very sensitive app.