Webview is not working for Wyze Cam V3 Pro

It works fine on Iphone app but does not work in Webview via PC. Please help


Yes, among other issues. There hasn’t been a firmware update yet since release day a month ago for the pro. Hoping to see one soon that addresses various things including the cam locking up sometimes after just a minute live viewing be it wyze app or 3rd party app.

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I have the same issue with the webview and my Wyze v3 Pro cameras. Hopefully, they get it resolved soon. All my other cameras work fine. Thanks!

IMO - The webview playback feature is a complete joke for my v2 and v3 cameras. It has never worked consistently since BETA. From where I sit, nothing has changed in that regard with the final release.

I too am having this issue with my V3 Pro cameras

My Wyze Cam V3 Pro will not work on the webview. It just shows as trying to connect.

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Same issue with my V3 Pro’s, V3’s I have work fine with webview. I won’t be replacing any V3’s anytime soon with the Pro versions until thats fixed.

I’ve been having a similar problem with my V2 cam … live view stopped working again, just trying to connect, but the cam is working as I see each event recording. It has happened before … and eventually starts working again. Should I just reboot the cam or any other suggestions are welcome?

My v3 and V3 Pan do the same thing. Will not live stream the video on the PC, but it will play back logged events. I have 2 OG cameras set-up that stream great on the PC. All of them work well on the Android Phone Controller.

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