Wyze Web View Not Working With V3 Pro Cam

I have several V3 cams and a bunch of V3 Pro cams. When accessing the web view the only video feeds that will load are from the V3 cams. It just sits there spinning on the V3 Pro Cams. Is there a firmware issue with the Pros or is there a setting that I have set wrong?

Can’t be sure exactly what the technical gremlins are that cause this. I just checked mine and all my cams stream via the web except for the V3Pro… So it’s not just you.

When the Pro first came out they had this issue. Perhaps due to the 2K stream. But, I thought they had it licked as it did work at one point.

This has been discussed at length in the forum. Doing a forum search for “V3 Pro Web View” (Search results for 'V3 Pro Web View' - Wyze Forum) will give you plenty of reading material on the subject.

I agree: this is an issue for me, too. I have multiple versions of the cameras, but only the new v3Pro isn’t working on web view

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