Wyze v3 Pro unable to stream in Web Live View

Camera shows up on the live view webpage, I assigned a pro license, can hear sound, it will not display the video.

Reset the Camera.
Firmware is updated.

I tested it with the second camera I received before updating the firmware out of the box and had the same issue. Don’t have this issue with the two V3 non pro cameras I have.

Anyone experiencing the same issue?


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This is a known issue that Wyze is working on. Everyone is experiencing the same. Since it is a new Cam offering, something is preventing it from streaming. Once they figure it out, it should stream as intended.


Thank you SlabSlayer, I’ll keep an eye out for an updated firmware to resolve the issue.

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Not sure it is going to happen via Firmware update. My suspicion is that it is a WebView Cloud Server setting\code that is having issues w\ the new 2K video. Either that or they just forgot to flip that switch on at the plug stack (ref. Clark W. Grizwold, Christmas Vacation, Light Display).


Same issue here.

I can, however, hit events history on the v3 pro.


Please submit a log and post the log number here. Go to the cam settings > Wyze support > submit a log

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Hello, live view, cam 3 pro, Cant get to view on windows 7 pc, chrome browser. i can see events but live stream just spins when i click play ?

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Viewing a Cam v3 Pro from a web browser via Web View is a current known issue. Wyze is working to resolve this issue.



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FYI I had the same problem, fixed when I downscaled my video to SD.

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Even downscaling produced mixed results, the video feed would show up but stop updating after 10-60 seconds.

My workaround, which might be my perm solution - I run Windows 11, so I enabled the android subsystem and side loaded the wyze app. Works flawlessly! However, you need to download and sideload the latest version (v2.371 (134) for v3 Pro cameras to show up.

Any movement on this issue or ETA to fix?

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Hey guys. I cant seem to get live video feed from my wyze cam v3 pro to cast onto my google nest hub 2nd gen. It works fine in the Wyze app but just cant get to view it on my GNH. Is this a common issue and is there a fix to this? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

Any movement on getting the V3 Pros to stream in Web View? Seems like this would have been addressed by now?

Same issue here. Would love to see the Live View on the web work with my 4 new v3 pro cameras. I have the cam plus license attached to all of them.

The same issue here- I bought the V3 pro and can’t view it in Live Stream - why would they sell the camera before it works?!???!!??!

Can’t we just continue the RTSP firmware? Or are we stuck with the Web Live View option to force people to get Cam Plus?

I noticed today I can finally view my V3 Pros in web view. Thank you Wyze!

I never use it but I checked it and it does work today for me also.

Curious if you installed the new beta firmware or not…
I installed the firmware, then the web live view worked.
Wondering if it is a firmware issue, or did they do something on the server side?