Wyze Plug CFH Beta & App 2.37 Release Candidate Test 11/09/2022

Strange. Is your Plug CFH a 2021 or 2022? I noticed there are 2 different branches in release notes. My 2021 plugs still show up to date with

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  1. My 2021 did not update.
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Thanks! It should be noted that this beta firmware release is for Wyze Plug CFH 2022.


I agree.

Having one plug listed in the device list may be part of the issue.


I’d bring it to Wyze’s attention, but you already did. thanks_sign2


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iOS App issue with streaming V3 Pro.

I have tested Live Stream on iOS and Android. Android has no issue and streams as intended. However, on iOS it will start the live stream and then hang. Putting my phones side by side, I see the iOS freeze and Android continue. Also note, if you take your iOS device, turn it landscape it will start again for a few seconds then stop. So it seems anything to cause the screen to refresh allows it to start for a bit and then freeze.

Log Submitted: 796872
iOS App Version: 2.37.0 (b8)
V3Pro Firmware:
Pluggin Version: 2.37.7


Great post @spamoni4. I can second this post as I am seeing this same exact issue.


IOS keeps crashing in the background on ipados 16.1
Android often crashes after looking at Doorbell log 795337

I have yet to get an Android update to (b116). Google Play Store has nothing available past my already installed (b111) from November 3rd.

How did y’all get the Android update?

Nothing special. Had to wait about a week though. Then it came down.

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More doorbell crash logs when going from Doorbell with Beta firmware to home while going from CAM V3 does not crash




Confirming VDBv1 on FW crashes Android 2.37.0(b116) app upon return to home tab as reported by @Use_less.

Does not happen every time, but it will crash the app eventually. Experienced two crashes in 8 load\return cycles. Screen record video available by PM.

Doorbell log 801522
App Log 801526

V3Pro running FW on Android App 2.37.0(b116) still requires Hardware Decoder to maintain stream integrity. Without it, stream pauses, studders, looses frames, skips seconds, buffers image, etc.

Screen record and app video record available by PM.

Cam Log 801559
App Log 801560

On Android when returning to Home, the thumbnail vanished as if it was being updated then the app crashed

V3Pro: SD Card Playback Plays Faster Than Timeline Indicates

The timestamp on the video plays faster than the timestamp shown on the timeline below. After a minute or so, the video is several seconds ahead of the timestamp.

App log: 803936

Has anyone else noticed there is a difference between Android and IOS apps detection zones for the Doorbell?
IOS is 2 blocks wider on the left and right than Android. So an area selected not to monitor is showing as monitored in IOS

Which detection zone is correct. Does it change depending on which app was last used? Or…

Good idea logs from both

Android 2.37 B116 beta app
Doorbell did not connect first attempt stuck step 2 of 3 for a min or so.
Backed out to home
Second attempt connected.
Captured 2 sets of logs also posted in Doorbell beta firmware discussion

Doorbell 804198 and 804264
App 804202 and 804276

New none beta builds just dropped
Android 2.37.0 (117)
IOS 2.37.0 (12)


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