Questions on Web View display and camera selection

Thank you for adding Wyze Web view – I have been hoping to see this since my first experience with the Wyze V2 camera.

I understand that this is in Beta and there is wip, but I have a few questions. I have V2, V3 and Outdoor Cameras all updated to the latest firmware. When I bring up the Web view screen, it presents 10 cameras but only allows me to view 4 of them (2 of the V3 and one V2). All of the others have the message “Live stream is not supported on this camera. Learn more”. All of the cameras have CAM PLUS licenses and all are activated.
A. One of them (an outdoor cam) gives me the option to PLAY, but it never presents a video, it just keeps spinning. Any ideas on how I can get to view that camera?
B. The 6 other cameras I believe are supported and activated/licensed, but I never am given the option to PLAY. Any ideas how I could determine why and resolve it?
C. Is there any way I can reorder the windows so I can get the ones I most want to look at in view and move the others to the bottom of the screen (or off screen)? It would be nice if there was a way to arrange windows (position and hide some).

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At this time, Wyze has no plans to support any battery-powered cams.

At this time, Web View supports only Wyze Cam v2, Wyze Cam v3 and Wyze Cam Pan. What type of cams are your other 6 cams?

Web View is currently in the early beta stage. Reordering is planned but we have no ETA on this.


What browser are you using to view? Folks have had troubles with the Firefox browser, but have had good results with chrome (as have i). Of the cameras that do not work in your screen, what type of cameras are they? So far only the V2s, V3s and Pans are supported. The Doorbell and WCO are not supported currently. That could change tomorrow, but today it is how it is. I’ll try and touch on a few more points:

A. by “outdoor camera” do you mean the “Wyze Cam Outdoor” (WCO)? that is currently not supported. Info here:

B. What type of cameras are they?

Number C. You can select groups of cameras to view that you have set from the app, but nothing else yet.

Edit: adding in some light reading, for other threads of the same topic. Some of your questions have been addressed in these threads:


3 of them are WCO. Thank you for clarifying that these are not supported and why (makes sense). The other cameras that have CAMPLUS and come up as unsupported are Cam V2.

Just realized that the v2 cameras that I was trying in WebView did NOT have CAM PLUS licenses. I went back in and tried to add them and I get “Unknown Error code 1000”. So I cannot add them to CAM Plus (even though they are V2 and I have >90 more licenses).

What firmware version is on the those cameras? RTSP perhaps?

I have never tried RTSP, just standard use

Both cameras: indicates a Wyze Cam v1 which is currently not supported by Web View.

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To expand a little, v1s are not supported for camplus itself either.

@CantCatchFish , that is why you were getting errors when trying to add camplus to it.

Thanks @Seapup


Thank you! I was wondering why I was getting that on both cameras! Sounds like I might need to upgrade them in the future :slight_smile: .

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@Omgitstony Are you able to share more about what the specific limitation is preventing WCO from Webview functionality? If it truly is concern about battery life, why not enable a beta test for WCOs that have the solar panel? Seems the software recognizes when solar is and is not added to WCO. Thanks!