View cams on PC

I know I can use a app like tinycam and it works for the most part but does seem janky running in an emulator. Is there a similar PC app that allows me to log in to wyze account to access them? I am looking for something that allows me to view multiple devices at once on my pc. Thanks

Welcome @jmz.taylor16 .

If you are using Cam Plus, you can utilize the Wyze’s Web View: Live stream - Wyze

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Yeah I can use that for the regular ones but needing it for outdoor cams. I know battery life will suffer but I am ok with that.

If you have Cam Plus on the outdoor cameras (V1 and V2), you should be able to view the livestream via the Wyze web view.

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I assumed outdoor cams weren’t supported but I guess they are. Still showing unsupported even though firmware is up to date and cam plus subscription on them. Only one cam shows up available and thats Cam v3.

Found docker-wyze-bridge

Works better anyways.


I was experimenting with that today within Home Assistant. Not the best if you want all cameras to stream at once. But I may have a setting incorrect.

I am going to try the docker app separately and see if it makes a difference

Using the container directly I can stream 6 cams at once. They skip a few secs every so often but that might be the distance from the base. But since all my cameras are outdoor I am using the snapshot option every 30 secs to save battery life. Anything important wyze app will tell me and record it.

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Thanks - will see how mine goes. Maybe it was working as it was doing the same as you indicated. I had 6 cameras loaded and was trying to stream all real-time. :slight_smile: