How to see all cams live from one display monitor

Id like to use display monitors in the house ,yard,garage,barn that shows all cams live on each screen. What is the best way to do this?


Nice idea but no easy way to do it. TinyCam Pro is probably the closest option or Blue Iris. TinyCam requires an Android device or emulator. Blue Iris requires a pc running Windows. I don’t think there is anything from Amazon (Fire tablet or the like) that would display multiple cameras, but I don’t have any of them so maybe someone else can chime in.

If you create Groups within the app you can see multiple cameras but not all at once.

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Thanks for the tips. Thats something I hope they are working on. I had an 8 image screen on a cable security system and it was great. Going to the activation was much like the playback on wyze only it was instantaneous. Thats and other gliches is why I kinda put a hold on going any further with this system and similar systems as I find WYZE has less ease of use for me & reliability which is something I need to practice with,& read more about. When I sold my home the sec system went with it, Now Im starting over with higher tech,I think. I got into wyze a couple months ago,but put a hold to expanding until I learn what works for me as opposed to claims or my wishful thinking. I prefer many features wyze has offers and that there is a forum like this. I would easily go to making my wyze indoor cams outdoor cams,but the detection zone rectangle isnt as usefull as the battcam adjustable field squares is. Im hoping the batt cams can be run on an electrical outlet contineously ,even if the batt dies. Not sure yet. Il post that question soon

The outdoor cams definitely should NOT be run on continuous power. That will void the warranty and probably damage the battery. The only other outdoor camera Wyze produces is the V3, but it should be placed in an area somewhat protected from the weather, especially heavy rain.

Don’t expect the Wyze products to compare exceptionally well against your previous security system The Home Monitoring System is brand new and has a number of missing features and flaws. The cameras, although good quality video, won’t do much for security without the CamPlus subscription. The basic cloud service is 12 second video clips with a 5 minute cool down in between which will lose a lot of video. You can put an SD card into the cameras to capture more video, either continuously or per event which is fine as long as the camera isn’t stolen.

Ok then no cont power to batt. That has always been the case years ago,and I assumed it still is. I use my indoor cams against the double paned windows looking out,of course. I dont have any problems unless interior lights are turned on. The cams work well like that though. My windows get no direct sunlight and heat by being on the south and north end of the house that never gets direct sun winter or summer. The west and east ends have 20 ft awnings for shade ,and trees that block sunrise and sets from hitting the lense. I assume direct sunlight will damage the lenses.It will even damage the camera if direct sun is on any part of the camera . Some may not be aware of this. At least thats the way it was for any electronics/lenses in the past .

TinyCam works fine on a Fire tablet. You can display up to 25 cameras simultaneously.

Good,I have windows 10. Can someone splain how or direct me to a site that splains it all?



You can’t yet do it in Windows 10. Not easily anyway.

But since you asked you can read this short thread covering it:

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Netcam Studio is a good way to view all your cams on windows 10 and ios devices on one screen.

Just to be clear, Netcam Studio requires the RTSP firmware for the Wyze cameras and doesn’t work with the stock firmware, right?

Correct. Unless wyze decides to add rtsp in a future update. I like it because it does not require a subscription to any online service, you can record to a pc or NAS and it has motion detection. It is just one suggestion.

Wild Bill,I happened to run into this posted in this community. if you have not read dec 20 . Several discusses what they find works wyze and monitors with multicams dispayed. This may help.
Hmm I dont recognise what is below as it wasnt withthe link I supplied. Let me find another way to find the page Im referring to
The link below isnt what I wanted to post
Ok I corrected it,so this should pit you there. Now just scroll down to dec 20 .hope it helps

View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)


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I am familiar with most of the options. However, nearly all require you to flash the RTSP firmware on the cameras which only works for V2s and PanCams, not V3s. There isn’t any RTSP firmware for the V3. I suspect yours are V3s since I think you said you only purchased them recently, yes?

yes,BTW what are the dates on the right margin? In a post link I sent you earlier today, I got confused as it was dated Dec 2019 on the right margin,but I see to the left of the dec 19 the actual post time is in hours ago only assuming I know the day ,at my age thats a big asumption.
Ive never used a forum with some of the odd quirks(to me) it has. Why is there a "running"date colum on the right margin that says may 2019?

That’s the date of the post directly to its left. And the hours (or minutes) is the elapsed time since that was posted.

I can see that now,but for some reason a couple days ago when I joined,it struck me as different.
This was the first time on this site and I had only been on it a few hours. I never gave any posted date a second thought as it didnt matter at the time . My goal was just to find several past posts on my same issue i was having ,regardless of the date,so I could become better informed before asking for help on a forum.
Im not going to continue trying to figure what,why,how that happened and just move on. Thanks for you reply though

For what it’s worth I find the mobile version of this site very usable and superior to the desktop version.

I created a camera group in the Wyze app. I have an old tablet that I run the app on and can view 6 cameras at a time in landscape mode.

If you need to use windows, you can download the free android emulator “bluestacks” and run the wyze app there.

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good,ill give it a try tomorrow

I’m 75 and not what you can call a ‘tech’, but I have Amazon Prime and the Firestick, so since my cams all show up on my Echo Shows with Alexa, I tried the t.v. Sure enough, with the Amazon Firestick, I was able to view my cameras on the large screen t.v. I am thrilled. I don’t know if that helps in any way, but I just thought I’d let you know. As for my laptop monitor, I would love to be able to view my cameras from it, but I guess that is not available yet… Here’s hoping.