Multi Camera View -- more cameras per grid

Can there be an OPTION to make the video feed pictures in the multi view camera area smaller? This would allow the OPTION of seeing more cameras at once without having to scroll to see all of the cameras or not have to scroll as much. Below is a screen shot of what I am used to with my current system that is gradually being replaced with Wyze.

Maybe they can add be a setting if you want 4, 6, or 8 cameras to be viewed on the group multiple camera view. That way if you only have 4 cameras, then they can fill up the screen better rather than have black e space. If you have more cameras, then the sizes would just be smaller.

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More cameras per grid like TinyCam. I don’t want to have to use a third party app.Screenshot


#Paulo, I cannot agree more, however, there is currently a very low number of votes for this feature so it is going to be on the back burner for a long time as per Wyze is concerned unless that changes. Keep fingers crossed that more people will vote for this feature. Thanks.

I agree we need more than 4 cameras in view

Absolutely!! Being able to view more than 4 at a time, and also, the ability to resize the screens.

When we run Wyze App, instead of giving us static images, please connect to all cameras and display them on screen like TinyCam Pro.


If you just add some to a group then you can open them all up for live streaming with one click.

(This was originally a separate thread and HX didn’t mention how many simultaneous streams are desired.)

The idea of being able to view Livestream on more than 4 cameras in one page when horizontal like other software


Looks like it is possible with third party apps. Specifically, Tiny cam pro but that is only an option if you use Android. iOS there is no viable decent option that I know of.

Thing is better if wyze can take away having to use 3rd party apps more I can do in one app the better easier to control

You can view multiple cameras by grouping the cameras. Go to the add button and touch “Add group device”.

Right now I am only able to view four cameras on a single screen.

First suggestion would be the ability to set up screens with user defined parameters allowing more camera views per screen. This would be helpful if you have let’s say a dozen cameras and a larger viewing monitor such as an ipad or a Smart TV using the mirroring function of the IPhone.

The other suggestion would be to develop a user defined, let’s call it “slide show” view.
At the most basic, this would be a single camera view on a screen that would rotate through designated cameras pausing at user defined time intervals, just like photo slide shows work. That way you could monitor multiple cameras on a full screen view, on a rotating basis. There could also be an option for motion alerts to override the slide view and then return to slide view once the motion alert was viewed.

Just FYI you can do most or all of that with TinyCam.

I am a long time user of Wyze products and an advocate for your devices.

Having a number of cams, are you considering an app interface that streams a grid of cam product like many of the video security systems on the market. In other words, I have 8 Wyze cams, I would like to see all 8 simultaneously in a grid with live images, and be able to click on any one to expand it.
Along with an app possibly a computer or web interface to do the same.


I haven’t had any luck with Tiny Cam. Seems to Drop all the time.

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Is there any roadmap on allowing more cameras to be displayed in a camera group on a single screen? I like the feature for such a budget camera, but displaying 6 or 8 would be even more ideal. Changing the stream sizes would be a nice feature too. I have a tablet running WYZE setup like a DVR screen. Not having to swipe to see other cameras on a bigger tablet screen would be ideal.

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I agree with this wish list. Having an option to “tile” 2 or 3 wide smaller images would be ideal when someone has 6-10 or more cameras, and/or lights to operate. Having the ability to even choose to use one or more live at a time without going to a single full size image is a convenience. Summary - the ability to tile or make a grid of the cameras’ images on one screen would be of great benefit and convenience.

You do know you can grid 4 at a time in the regular Wyze app?

I have 7 cameras now. Can you grid that many? Are any live?