Grid VIew for Multi Cam

A Suggestion/Request in regards to multi view.

How about a option for grid view, for all live streams so all cam feeds can be viewed at a single glance without the need for scrolling.

(I can do this with iOS Livecams Pro.)


While viewing a group, just turn your phone sideways; you can see four at a time in a grid.


thanks for pointing that out.

That is helpful but only up to 4 cams.

Please expand on the limitation of only 4 cams.

I’m sure I can’t be the only one that would like to view more than 4 cams one 1 single screen

The grid view thumbnails can be resized to accommodate more camera feeds


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The only way this would work is if it was selectable how many cameras to view at once, It Would be ridiculous to try and view 15 cameras on a Cell phone screen

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I can view 6 cams; even 8 comfortably in portrait mode at that using LiveCams so this is possible.

Wyze app gives you 4 only in landscape mode and when you scroll to view other feeds it interrupts and stops some of the other streams. Only 4 can be active simultaneously. Come on.

I was surprised you could see 4 at a time with a $25 camera. I get my 2nd and 3rd cams today.

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Did you notice that if you have more than 4 cams in a group, you can scroll the landscape view left/right. First you see #1-#4. Then you see #3-#6, then #5-#8, etc.

I think it unlikely that they will try to allow cramming more than 4 on the screen at a time. JMHO.


I have an iPhone XR and the Wyze app does not go to landscape mode when the phone is turned. I would like to be able to move all of the cam displays together (I have 3) and the sensors together. They appear to display in the order that the devices are added. None of the sensors work anyway, so…

The Wyze app does not support landscape more EXCEPT when actively viewing one or more camera videos.

You can group cameras or sensors together:

When you are viewing a grouped stack of cameras together in portrait mode, when you flip the phone to landscape, the view will change to a 2x2 grid.

Make sure your phone’s orientation lock is not engaged.

Finally, you can vote for full landscape support here: Landscape View For Tablets. Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top.


Why can’t this be implemented? 5 feeds in the example with clearly enough room to display 8.

All on one screen. No flipping back and fourth… No starting and stopping live streams…

Just up to 8 Live cams streaming all at once on a single screen in portrait,



Thanks Loki! Good dog!

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Thank you, I did not know you could select “Group” name it then watch 4 cameras in real time. #GreatTip


Thank you. I learned something new today.


This really needs to be done for the wyze cams. For example I have 6 cameras for my home security system. At 2:00 AM if my burglar alarm goes off I want to be able to pick up my phone or iPad and quickly see live streaming of all 6 cameras looking for any movement instantly.

As it stands now I can see 4 cams in my home group in landscape, but have to swipe left and wait for the last two cams in the group to authenticate and begin streaming.


for the time being tiny cam pro might be a more useful application for you to use.


Thanks for the suggestion. I hadn’t created any groups yet for my Wyze products. This is very convenient, especially for live views of all of my cameras (3).


Tiny Cam Pro is of no help to all iPhone users.

that seems to be a common denominator with a lot of digital technology. apple keeps their own little bubble which ins’t very conducive to people that like to have a wide breadth of technology…

The Wyze multi-view implementation IS quite awkward.
Right now I can do this with a Reolink IP camera app. Up to 9 cams live on iphone xr or iPad, no problem. Totally viewable. Double tap a live thumbnail to view full screen. Double tap large image to go back to multi live thumbnails view.
Wyze… this needs to be improved.

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I like the 10 camera view that TinyCam Pro offers on my phone and would love Wyze to implement something similar.